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(FanFic) Peroroncino and Momonga ch.17

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FanFic Account with previous chapters and M rated version

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Airxeen takes the capital

"Where is she?" The stern-faced woman asked herself walking down the halls of her barracks.

"Has anyone seen my squire Neia Baraja?" Remedios Custodio bark loudly at the first man she saw. He gave it some thought and pointed to the washrooms.

"I believe Squire Baraja is still feeling the effects of last nights meal... I heard her stomach was giving her trouble. So you might check there... um Mamm!" the lower ranked paladin of the Holy Kingdom said bowing apologetically. Remedios scoffed and made her way there, her squire was the most useless woman she'd known... why me? Why do I get the squire with the weird eyes? Remedios asked herself as she walked into the woman's washroom. Sure enough, there was her squire hunched over a chamber put dry heaving.

"What the hell are you doing? I've been looking for you for the last twenty minutes!" She yelled at the bent over blonde girl. Neia looked up at Remedios with pure hate in her eyes, well that's what most people would think, but that was just the nature of her squires face, she was always giving people 'hate-filled looks' when in reality she mealy was looking at them.

"I'm sorry Mamm, but I have been sick all night and..." Remedios interrupted her.

" I didn't ask what you were doing I told you to get ready, now let's go, our scouts have reported some weird behavior by the Demihuman on the other side of the wall, we're being sent out to investigate and report back, now hurry and get ready! I won't tell you again!" Remedios yelled then stormed off to her room where she had her backpack ready for the long trip across the Holy Kingdom as well as her escort unit consisting of low-level Paladins, not her usual unit.

They waited on horseback for some time until at last a sick looking but still hustling Neia came running in a panic. It was evident she'd thrown together with her supplies at the last second and her uniform was not up to Remedios's level if clean and well kept... but she would rebuke her squire later, they had too much travel to do to bog down their own speed.

"So what exactly are the Demihumans doing that's so weird?" A soldier asked Remedios after they'd been traveling for a few hours.

"If what we hear is true... it's rather disturbing... they seem to be building... a wall." Remedios said darkly. The man thought for a moment. But it was her squire neia that spoke up.
"A wall? Where?" Remedios scowled at her squire, she wished she'd just not talk at all and so her job.

"Outside of our wall... which means two things..." All the soldiers around her grew grim looking, they understood what Remedios was about to say to her squire.

"They are planning to attack soon, probably when their wall is finished... then not only will they cut off any supplies were regularly receive in trade from the inland countries, but any reinforcement we request will unable to reach us without sieging their wall first. The ships will be the only trade and resources we will receive, this will make things hard for the nation, supply wise."

"What if they cut pff out ships as well?" Neia asked worriedly. Remedios rolled her eyes at how stupid her squire was.

"If they did they then they could simply sit and wait us out, it would be like a countrywide war of attrition... one we know the Demihumans will win... luckily that will never happen, no Demihuman has ever made a ship to set sail with... the very idea of them blocking our ship lane is ridiculous!"

"But what if..." Neia was going to say something but Remedios cut her off.

"And what Demihuman would be that smart or patient enough to simply starve us out as they slowly attacked instead of a nationwide sweep like they've done every time int he past?" Remedios asked. Neia had more to say on the issue but remained silent. Her father was on patrole at the wall and she'd probably get to see him, she let that thought keep her going in a good mood.

"But Mamm... didn't the report say something to the effect of many different kinds of Demihumans being spotted, are they working together to build this wall? If that's the case... they may have a chief that has united them... that would explain this bizarre plan of theirs." Another paladin said thinking about the repercussions of what he just said.

"We will find out more when we get there, just keep your mouth shut until then!" She barked, but as they had a solid two weeks of travel, that was a dumb order. Neia wondered if her dad knew anything Remedios didn't about this Demihuman chief.

"So... is it true? I heard we actually received word from the Demihuman camp..." A higher ranked paladin asked, he was the one who had delivered the message and now was heading back to his normal post on the wall. Remedios clicked her tongue, that information was not supposed to be spread, but she might as well inform them as he already spoke up.

"We... received some kind of message from the Demihumans, yes, but it's contents were so unlike them, it was regarded as a weird battle tactic and ignored.

"But...what did it say?" Neia asked, Remedios, shook her head.

"They "suggested" we march every soldier and paladin we have to tour wall for one big clash as they announced they would take our wall down within the month..." Remedios said.

"But isn't that bad for them? Unless they have some kind of way of taking out all our soldiers at once?" One of the men spoke up.

"No, it's a ploy, the other part of the "Demihuman" warning was that we should have all women and children sent to Re-Lobell by way of ship... clearly they plan to attack Re-Lobell at some point as well." The wall that the Demihumans hold were only a week travel away from the peaceful city that offered much away of supplies and trade to The Holy Kingdom.

"Do we think the Demihumans can take Re-Lobell? It's heavily fortified, and has a magic school there as well... the Demihumans have never once tried to attack it." Neia reminded her boss. Remedios ignored the solid question.

"None of this matters until we can get eyes on this wall of theirs, to see how well made it even will be... Demihumans aren't known for building things after all." Remedios said having comfort in the fact she knew she was right. Neia just held her stomach and burped... she wasn't feeling too good again it looked like.

"Don't get sick Squire Baraja! We don't have time to stop for your stomach issues!" Neia wiped the sweat from her forehead and nodded that she would be fine. She hoped.

"Yes Mamm..." she weakly moaned out and put he head down in her hands, the horse was not making her trip easier with it's motion. This was going to be a rough couple of weeks.

During the time it would take this group to make it to the wall the first part of the drama was set to take place.

Momonga sat on the back of his dragon looking out at the mansion that Mare and Entoma would be at, he'd already received word from Sebas that the six arms had been dealt with, he even managed to take one of them hostage for some reason. He'd given Sebas and Demiurge permission to act on their own. So when Sebas said he'd captured a woman named Edström that was one of the Six Arms and had her inside Solution for safe keeping he gave it not much thought.

But far below a battle between Entoma and three members of The Blue Roses was reacting it's staged finale as Entoma was overwhelmed by the anti-bug magic from one of the Blue Roses.

"[VERMIN BANE]!" Evileye cast her special spell that seemed to cause this bug monster great discomfort. BUt it seemed to be enough as the horrible spider monster wavered and jumped back hissing, The Blue Roses would soon have her on the ropes... Entoma was holding her own but slowly losing ground, Evileye's [VERMIN BANE] was making this fight tough, rather than waiting for her to get to beat up he decided to interject a little early...

Suddenly an arrow shot into the ground and lit up the area with sunlight so bright it blinded the three women. When their eyes sight finally came back they saw a strange man with wings standing in front of the spider monster decisively.

"You've already won, no need to take things to the extreme." The masked creature said, it had four wings like a bird and held a strange bow in its hands that looked like it burned with the sun... Evileye did not like it one bit, or this man for that matter.

"Who the heck are you?" The largest woman named Garagan demanded to know, the ninja Tina jumped back to regroup with them. Evileye could sense this creature's power, just his bow alone screamed bad news. He ignored her question and turned to the spider creature.

"You've done well Enti, I'll take it from here." the monster said then turned his gaze to the adventurer party. The spider bowed and walked back into the manor that was owned by Hilma of the eight fingers.

"We have to get out of here... this guy is bad news! He's not someone we can beat even if our whole group was here!" Evileye yelled out to her friends who were thinking of fighting this bird monster. She eyes were glued to the incredible armor and gear he wore... it was easily on par with the 13 hero's hear she'd seen many years ago... and that bow was better than even that!

"I hope you're not about to say something cliche like you'll buy them time to escape? See this?" The masked monster said holding up the bow in his hands.

"I am the Demihuman chief ruler Airxeen! Kneel to me and be my concubine wives, and I may spare the lot of you... oh not you... you can go..." He said pointing at the manly looking woman, Garagan. Out from behind him stepped another woman in a white dress, wearing a strange white mask and hat, she oozed power and death... Evileye just realized they had no chance of escape. Not with two monsters like this standing before her.

"E.E. what do we do? These two seem..." The ninja was worried as she understood the situation they were in.

"I can go? Sorry but it's not in my nature to abandon my friends... or let a remark about my beauty slide like that!" Garagan yelled as she chared the duo. The girl in white looked at the masked man who shook his head, she seemed upset but simply walked towards the charging woman and took her shoulder, then brought her to the ground, like she was holding a 2-year-old child to the floor as punishment, it was a weird sight to see.

"Damnit!" Evileye cursed as she ran to support her friend but someone came from above her.

"JI JOE TO THE RESCUE!" a voice called out as an unarmed man jumped from the back of a dragon, kicking the woman in white with a powerful dropkick, she flew through the air... almost too dramatically but the masked winged man caught her mid-flight. The powerful monk adventure Ji Joe of Ainz Ooal Gown stood before Evileye.

"Go, I will buy you time to escape!" The monk said striking a dramatic pose and pointing at the two monsters. Strange words Evileye could not read appeared all around him in a deep purple color... some kind of intimidation magic?

"But... they are..." the monk spun around taking yet another overly unnecessary pose. The weird foreign letters floating around him again. (the words are kanji for "rumble")

"Do not worry, for I am here!" he smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up, then charged at them with a loud battle cry.

"ACHOO!" he yelled as he flew through the air with a weird flying jump kick, it was fast but the girl in a white dress tried to block the strike, yet she was again sent flying away by Ji Joe's powerful attack.

"He's too strong!!" The girl cried out like she was an actress on a stage. But the damage she took was clearly real as she flew head first into the ground making a huge impact explosion.

"How dare you strike my wife?" The masked bird yelled out in anger. Evileye thought she heard a sound come from the unconscious woman but it must have been nothing.

"Demihuman scum! What name would you like engraved on your tombstone?" Ji Joe said heroically to the Birdman. Airxeen opened his arms and spread his wings in a display of power.

"I am the Demihuman Lord Airxeen... what makes you think I fear you!" Airxeen said as he fired a folly of arrow at the girls and Ji Joe. Ji Joe moved so fast that nobody saw him but his hands held every arrow fired at them. He held the hand full of arrows far out in front of him and dropped them in a disrespectful manner then wiped his thumb across his nose in a cocky way.

"Too easy!" he said then jumped at the archer who took to the air.

"Foolish monk! You can't even fly! now die as I rain death upon you!" Airxeen said taking to the sky, Evileye figured she could cast [FLY] on Ji Joe if she could get close enough, but that would make her a target of Airxeen, and she knew a single arrow form that sun-infused bow would end her. But from above him another Dragon cut off his escape as another monk jumped off and struck at the birdman with incredible power.

"Here I come~su!" she said as her attack seemed to do little to hurt the Demihuman. The female monk known as Lupu then opened into a flurry of punches too fast for Evileye to even see, the flurry lasted several seconds as the female monk let out her battle cry.

"SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~SU~" She yelled with every punch. But Airxenn easily moved out of the way of every punch like he was simply toying with her amazing speed.

"You're already molested!" hesaid as he [GREATER TELEPORTED] behind her.

"WHAT?" Lupu exclaimed in surprised as the Demihuman reached up and grabbed her breasts giving them a good squeeze and fondle.

"OH! HIS PARALYZING TOUCH IS TOO MUCH FOR ME ~SU!" and Lupu fell to the ground defeated.

"HAHAHA! How fitting that I should kill your sensei in front of you!" Airxeen laughed at the monks. It was then Evileye noticed something from high above them... a rain of magical arrows was descending at them!

"ABOVE US!" Evileye cried out to warn them but she realized that the spread of damage was too far... he'd be able to hit them all, even Garagan and Tina. When had she used this sneak attack? Evileye wondered as she prepared to make a shield that she suspected would not help her.

"NO! I won't allow it!" Ji Joe threw his body into the air spreading himself open to receive the volley of damage, shielding The Blue Roses from the assault. Somehow, by sheer luck, not a single arrow out of the hundreds that fell his the paralyzed Lupu. She was lucky, but her master was not!

Evileye and her friends were safe but the bloody and wounded body of Ji Joe stood before them, he grunted in pain.

"It... will... take.. more th... that!" he said holding up his arms like an X still to show his guard had not been broken. Evileye's heart leaped a bit at this heroic last stand of this monk she barely knew.

"Sorry Ji Joe, my old rival! But you fell for my trap arrow... the Fatal Air Poison I used will be taking effect soon!"

"You used your F.A.P. arrow? With the poison that kills without fail?" he asked in a shocked and loud manner

"Fatal Air Poison?" Ji Joe asked confused then keeled over and yelled out in pain.

"YES! the poison! OH! it's too... I am..." Then Ji Joe fell over to the ground, dead after a few leg spasms. Lupu, who had recovered from the paralyzing palm of Airxeen ran over to her Master's body and held him in her arms then yelled up to the sky while shaking her fist in the air.

"MASTER!" She cried, shaking her fist at the air for some reason. The pain that The Blue Roses felt from their wounds did not hurt as much as seeing this pupil lose her master like this! Her master that had used his life to save theirs! The monk maid gently laid her masters body down then took a fighters pose.

"I will avenge you Master!" She cried... but a large heavy black object crashing down in front of her stopped her charge. As the dust settled a figure in raven black armor slowly stood with two massive blades in his hands stood in its wake.

"Lupu, stay back! I will avenge our fallen friend!" Evileye could not believe it! This man had just seen the death of his friend but stood strong to guard the weaker... this... this is a true hero! She exclaimed in her mind and heart!

"Sir Momon of Raven Black! We are The Blue Roses... we request your help with this threat!" But she regretted saying that! She just saw him kill a man as powerful as Momon! how could he?

"Understood... allow me to take it from here ladies," He said swinging his swords toward the Demihuman. The Demihuman chief clapped in excitement.

"Very good Momon! I expected nothign less of my arch rival!" he laughed. Evileye thought he'd just called Ji Joe his rival earlier... well they were on the same team after all.

"Be careful of his F.A.P. attack Sir Momon! It is fatal if it hits you!" she warned her protector, um partner! Momon looked back at her and nodded once that he was aware of the dastardly death poison. He seemed to disapprove of that move or something because he just put his face into his palm shaking his head.

"As we know each other Airxeen... no need for introductions!" Momon said charging his rival.

"Of course not Momon of team Ainz Ooal Gown... why would we announce each other's names when we already have a history together, as you just said!" Airxeen said shooting arrow after arrow at the Dark warrior. He deflected all the arrows with his giant blades.

"So I see I am still no match for the great Momon of team Ainz Ooal Gown, a team that even controls dragons!" The Demihuman said falling back and shooting more arrows that Momon dove away from. Evileyes breath came up short as she thought Momon might be hit. But by now the girl in the white dress was awake... this was bad!

"Ah! my wife is awake after her beauty sleep! Now Wife... bring me my army!" She made a loud cry that sounded almost orgasmic. Then she rose her hands and a large black portal appeared, as soon as it did, a flood of Demihumans poured from it.

"What is that magic?" Garagan asked to Evileye who couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"[GATE]... How does someone like that know a spell of this tier?" She suddenly realized that these two were bigger threats than she even thought.

"We have to escape Sir Momon! Those two alone are too much for us... and now that army." Evileye begged Momon to run but he stood fast.

"On my name... I will not allow a single Demihuman to enter the city!" Momon said heroically pointing his blades to the increasing demihuman numbers as another [GATE] spell was cast and more came through.

"So now you see my true threat! I am the most powerful Demihuman to live and I can summon my Demihuman army to any place I want... know true despair!" He boasted about his own power, but the capital would fall if this fight ended in his favor, Evileye knew she could at least help fight the army of Demihumans that kept appearing.

"FOOL! if you fall to me here your Demihuman forces will do nothing but die to my team Ainz Ooal Gown!" Evileye couldn't believe how brave Sir Momon was! No matter the odds he stood strong! Is this what it's like to feel... love? She shook her head at how stupid she sounded!

"You can do it Sir Momon!" She cried out as she flew to his side. Lupu as now standing next to him too. Garagan and Tina knew they were too injured from their fight with Entoma to really offer any help, they would just be in the way.

The clash was amazing! Momon slammed into Airxeen, and though Airxeen blocked the attack, the sheer force of the attack sent the Demihumans around him flying! What power he must possess! She realized that Momon must be what's known as "God-Kin" he had the blood of gods in his veins! How else could he manage such frightening strength and power?

"Not bad old friend!" Airxeen said ironically as he made some kind of explosion happen around him that propelled him to the sky. He Readied his bow but Momon threw one of his blades hitting Airxeen out of the sky and gravely injuring him! Momon's sword impaled him through the chest, he cried out in pain. At first, it looked as if he'd only caught the blade between his arm and chest, like a child, might but she realized she was wrong as it was clearly coming from his chest, followed by defiantly real blood.

"Damn! A critical strike! How lucky for you and the girls! I so did want to add them to my harem!" The Demihuman cried in pain as he fell back behind the wave of Demihumans.

"I'll get you next time Momon of team Ainz Ooal Gown that controls even dragons!! NEXT TIME!" He vowed his vow of never-ending hate as he disappeared into a black portal that the girl in a white dress made, she followed her leader as well.

"Sir Momon! You have won!" Evileye cried throwing her arms around the warrior who'd just saved her life. He looked at her and nodded.

"I am just glad you and Lupu are okay..." He said. She felt lightheaded at that sentence... he cared that she was okay? Did he care about her?

"But the fight is not over..." Momon said looking at the army of 2,000 demihumans howling their way to the streets of the Re-Extize capital.

"I will message the leader of our group to warn them what's on the way... they might have just enough time to rally some kind of defensive force," Evileye said, noting that not a single Demihuman was approaching them, they all ran for the bright city lights.

"We will attack them from their flank as they siege the city... civilian casualties should be very low if our plan works~su!" Lupu said smiling. Evileye wondered how she had recovered from the death of her sensei so fast? Maybe the current crisis was keeping her focused?

"Then let us go, Sir Momon! I would love to fight by your side!" Evileye announced, sounding a little too eager. He picked her up like some luggage making her blush underneath her mask.

"L..Lord Momon?! Wh...whaaa" she tried to stammer out but the image of a fairytale knight holding a princess in his arms came to mind, just like the bards would sing about... she understood those songs now, she felt liek a princess... however, she did also feel slightly like luggage...

"Good then let's go!" He ran at the rear of the Demihuman army wish such speed she understood why he had to carry her, he'd have left her in his dust.

"There you go!" He said throwing Evileye high into the air. She sailed above the Demihumans for second before casting [FLY], now she was in position to rain death from above on the Demihuman army. The whole time Momon and Lupu attacked the rear and side flank of the charging enemy unit. By the time the army hit the first streets of the city a row of city guards and adventures were waiting for them, it would seem Evileyes [MESSGAE] had reached Lakyus in time, for she stood at the front of the wall of man. Her [MEGA IMPACT SMASH] greeted the Demihumans first.

As the Demihumans were now caught in a pincer attack of Lakyus and even Gazef Stronoff from the front lead by the Royal Prince and Momon and Lupu from the back and Evileye from the air, the Demihuman hoard was quickly put down without the leadership of their new chief.

Far from the melee Demiurge stands next to Pero watching the bodies of the Demihumans get flung each way and that. Animal shaped limbs would then rain down as another [MEGA IMPACT SMASH].

"So I can't help but notice you didn't exactly follow the plan I'd laid out for you Master ..." Demiurge said looking at the victorious humans.

"Yeah... You gave me a challenge of "get The Holy Kingdom" to request aid from 'Ainz Ooal Gown'. (their adventure team, not a typo) and I will do this... but not by breaking eggs that aren't already rotten... I will do it without spilling a single drop of innocent blood, I know this isn't what you wanted... but it's how I'm doing it." Peroroncino said looking as Demiurge for some kind of reaction. Demiurge was shaking a bit... he must be very angry...

"Master Peroroncino... please change me into a human with your [PLOYMORPH] spell if you would..." Jin looked at Demiurge in slight worry.

"Why?..." he took a step back out of caution.

"I wish to show you something." This did nothing to alleviate his concern but did as asked, Demiurge looked the same other than he no longer had a metal spiked tail. Also, he had... tears? Coming from his now human eyes?

"I wish to show you how glad I am you passed the test Lord Peroroncino. For you have moved me to what is now tears..." Jin looked at him confused.

"Test?" he blinked in confusion.

"Indeed... any good follower can obey orders and instruction from ones far more intelligent than they." Jin wondered again if Demiurge had just called him stupid.

"If you had simply followed my instructions, you would not only not be a leader, but you would have betrayed who you are... I simply would have lost my respect for you at that point. Jin remained silent, respect and trust were two different things, he didn't feel threatened by this remark.

"But you not only chose an option that I myself deemed too risky or dare say... "hard"...to do... but you even put the added challenge of "not a single blood of innocence?" I must admit Lord Peroroncino... I am curious to see how you pull this off...Ah! I assume Demihumans don't count as "innocent" anymore?" He said looking at the wreckage of dead Demihumans... he looked and it seemed to be true... not a single human fell in the battle... to be expected!

"Not these ones no... these ones are assholes, trust me...Um, Demi, you're calling me "Lord" again." Jin reminded his friend and teacher.

"Yes Lord Peroroncino, you've earned my respect at least... I cannot speak of the rest of us, but if you pull this off... by your means and plan alone... I can assure you, you will deserve the respect we already have for you... if that kind of thing matters to you." Jin let out a long sigh.

"Well... Yes Hitomi, my sister um... Bukubukuchagama as you know her... she'd always say things like "something earned is better than something given"...and my whole life she was always right... even when I ignored this fact. So I understand what you're saying Demiurge... You'd all love me no matter what... but would I really respect myself for abusing that unconditional love? Damnit, I sound like Suzuki now..." He said clicking his tongue. Demiurge just gave him a firm slap on the back.

"Indeed Lord Peroroncino... you do sound wiser already... by the way, um there is that..." Demiurge said pointing at Shalltear she was walking around like she was walking in adream state muttering to herself... damn he'd called her his wife when in character hadn't he? He thought about that prospect... it didn't exactly sound like the worst idea ever... but he had a nation to conquer... that could come later... or...

"Hey, Demi... you uh... don't need Shalltear for anythign right?" Demiurge chuckled with a smile.

"No Lord Peroroncino... I believe Shalltears isn't scheduled for anythign until the fall of The Holy Kingdom." He said with the same "shit eating smile of his"

"Is that so?" Jin asked cocking an eyebrow at Demiurge

"Indeed it is so..." So she will be available for your... mission." Jin nodded. Demiurge had never let Nazarick down yet. He looked again at Shalltear who just so happened to be wearing a white dress with her face covered... he pictured her as a bride with flowers and his heart jumped a bit... the hell was that? He shook his head...

"Alright then, do you want to know what I have planned next?" Demiurge shook his head "no."

"Keep it a surprise..." Demiurge chuckled.

"Alright, Shalltear! Let's go back deeper in the capital, we wanna ruffle some feathers of the nobles and get them united... sorry Demi, I am stealing this part of your plan.." Shalltear jumped up and bowed then cast [GATE] and the two were gone.

Demiurge looked at the humans who were now standing around a "dead" Pandora's Actor who looked like Ji Joe. He just adjusted his glasses with a smile. With Lord Peroroncino now capable of carrying out the plan, this would free him up to visit the Baharuth empire... get those workers all lined up for a nice little visit...

Evileye stood over the dead monk. Momon was standing next to Nabe behind them was Lupu his former pupil. Evileye was explaining the fight as she saw it.

"As we were mid-battle with the spider maid he came down and stopped the fight... after Ji Joe and Lupu showed up... but then he died saving me!" Momon and Nabe nodded.

"I see, well it's good you at least were not killed... Ji Joe died for a noble reason." Momon said in a sad voice.

"MASTER WHY!!!!" Lupu cried out falling to the ground and pounding the ground over and over in a dramatic fashion... she must be really hurting now that the battle is over! Evileye thought, her unbeating heart went out to the young monk. Nabe patted her back but didn't look very concerned.

"Well, we can bring him back so..." Momon looked at her quickly.

"You what?" Evileye nodded at his understandable shock.

"Our leader Lakyus can revive the dead. Plus she's kind, she will have no problem covering the cost to resurrect this hero." Evileye explained. The three exchanged a glance that was not "happy".

"Um... resurrection? Really? You, uh, can really do that? Hmmm" Momon said almost close to panic, he didn't seem to be calming down either. Could he be worked up after battle... Evileyes heart that did not beat still managed to skip one when she realized this could be her chance to... experience THAT with a real man! NO! She had gone hundreds of years without girlish thoughts like this... why now? Is it okay? She wondered thankful for her mask to hide her embarrassed look, she wondered how she could blush with no pumping heart but it was happening none the less! She might be in love with Sir Momon!

"So yes! We will have your friend Ji Joe back in no time Sir Momon! Unless you have a reason you don't wish to see him returned?" She asked as he was acting weird, even in light of this incredible miracle that only a few could perform!

"Uh well no there is no reason I can think of... at this moment... other than we uh... already can resurrect him! So uh... no need, yes! " Momon looked at Nabe who just blushed and held his arm then to Lupusregina who just was looking at Nabe figuring something was up...

NO! They were a couple after all? Evileye felt her heart shatter... of course... look at her! Evileye would happily invite Nabe to bed with her if it meant Sir Momon would join them! She let out a lewd sound that nobody heard (Lupusregina did) luckily as she felt a feeling in her loins she'd all but forgotten about.

"Very well, as you say, Sir Momon..." She was sad looking at how Nabe gazed and held on her man... they even looked like a newlywed couple. She had no chance... Lupusregina's mouth plopped open but then turned to a kind of shocked smile... was she learning of this relation for the first time as well? Evileye wondered.

"Excuse us Miss Evileye, I need to talk in private with my... partners." Nabe blushed at that apt description of her. They walked away from Evileye as they waited for the people to come.

"I have a good idea of what Demiurge and Peroroncino have planned but just to be sure I think I should talk with Peroroncino. Do you understand?" he was worried as she had a slightly confused look on her face. Lupusrgina was still just staring at nabe with an "oh my GOD" look on her face as she finally connected the dots.

"Yes, as expected of my... husband..." She still couldn't say that part without blushing... she was very cute he thought. But he had no idea what the hell was going on! One minute Jin is angry about a few dead Lizardman now he's leading thousands of Demihumans to their death?... and why do we have to fight? He thought. "Meeting Master Peroroncino" meant they would join forces...not fight! Oh well... this was Demiurges plan after all... and Jin seemed to be in on it... maybe he could get that info from his friend when they talked... wait when would that be?

"Husband... oh... my.... Narberal!" Lupus screamed at her sister and looked at her Lord who nodded that he had taken Narberal as his second wife. Lupu giggled at all the juicy details her sister could tell her about her lord! Oh, how the tables had turned! Narberal gave Lupusregina a slightly smug smile but owned her for the lessons she had given her, she would never forget that.

"Why is that Evileye woman looking at us?" Momonga asked Narberal, just realizing that she was looking at them with odd body language. Nabe smiled knowingly and gave her Lord and husband a big public hug. Lupusrgina shook her head, but happy for her little sister... they each had a Lord to serve.

"She may be jealous of me! After all... I get to hold you like this, My Lord!" She cried with happiness in her face and eyes. Suzuki realized he's made a bit of a mistake... she failed to realize that "Momonga and Narberal" were married whereas "Momon and Nabe" were not... she couldn't get his name right undercover... what chance would there be of her not doing things like this? Can't be helped... he just admitted and patted her head lovingly. a jealous sound could be heard form Lupusrgeina... she clearly envied her sister's position of Momomgas wife.

"You think she may have those kinds of feelings? Surely it must be another reason..." he said shaking his head under the black armor.

"We could find out my Lord... if it pleases my Lord... why not invite her to your bed?" he looked at Lupusregina in shock, she just looked at him like always. Narberal just nodded that it would be fine, this also surprised him as he knew how Narberal felt about humans.

"You would be okay with that?" Narberal giggled. Momon was amazed how differently she acted now that he'd married her... well that was to be expected.

"If My Lord wishes to go "slumming" outside of Nazarick... that is his prerogative, I only request I can join you, My Lord." Narberal said with a deeper blushing face. Now, THIS can't be right to do right? Suzuki was having a nervous panic attack under his helmet thinking about the proposition Lupusregina and Narberal had just lobbed at him like a Super tier spell... A... threesome? had Jin even done that yet? His anxiety was replaced by sickness when he thought he might overshoot his friend in perversion! Luckily he was in his Overlord body so after several attempts his libido was suppressed. he cleared his throat even though he didn't need to.

"She is just a child you two! I am...not that kind of man" He said realizing her body structure... It must just be simple infatuation then... not love or jealousy he was picking up from her... good children were defiantly not on his plate... now that he had a plate to have things upon...

"I even doubt... um.. anyway I have my meeting with Demiurge to attend please get things ready." She smiled with a bow and cast [MESSAGE].

Just then a huge Pink bubble appeared around a good section of the city. it was so large it could be seen from miles around. Momonga immediately recognized what it was... it grew wider and wider till it covered the entire capital city, all of it.

"Heart's Content? Jin's using one of the twenty for his plan?" Momonga couldn't believe what was happening! But it made sense... he was always begging the guild to "use our hard earned world items" an opinion literally nobody else shared... and in a flash, it was gone. The bubble, the city... everything. There was just a city-sized circle shaped crater with not a single thing in it. Only Nabe, Lupu, Evileye and the faking dead pandora's Actor as Ji Joe and himself remained. Nothing or no one was left for miles around in front of them.

"To think... I assumed you'd use it on yourself!" Momonga laughed thinking about what Jin must be planning if he used that on the whole city...

"He always was a fan of playing on "easy mode". Nabe, Lupu and Evileye were just staring in shock. How could en entire city just vanish like this? Evileye wondered to herself.
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2019.03.20 19:33 rpfred College Esports Expo

College Esports Expo
Emerson College is excited to host the second-annual College Esports Expo (CEX) in our Semel Theater on Thursday, March 28th. The CEX event is a first of its kind in the US that is focused exclusively on the college esports market. It was designed to help foster the growth of collegiate esports by assembling esports industry veterans and notables with academics and college esports players and students to share critical insights related to the expansion of this medium.
The College Esports Expo (CEX) is the premier event for colleges and esports industry professionals to begin a dialogue. Look forward to thought leadership and panel discussions on key topics such as conducting esports research, developing esports curriculums, and instating varsity programs at existing institutions. This is a single-day event is scheduled to take place at Emerson College in the Semel Theater on Thursday, March 28th, 2019 during the annual Pax East event in Boston.
Confirmed Panelists: Sean Morrison from ESPN associate editor for esports Marty Strenczewilk Splyce Gaming LEC - Toronto Defiant Overwatch Neli Duffy and Wim Stocks from Collegiate Starleague Kevin Hoang from Twitch Billy Sprout from Blizzard TESPA Dan Lee from NYXL Overwatch League Joe Dorant from Boston Uprising Overwatch League Johannes Waldstein from Fan Ai TL Taylor MIT Professor - Lecturer, Gaming, and Streaming Media Author - IOC member for esports Yugina Yun - College Esports Director for Corsair Gaming Jonathan Schrader Director of Esports from Learfield/IMG Ray Katz Columbia Professor and CEO of Collegiate Sports Marketing Group Amnesiac - Hearthstone Pro- Redbull sponsored Player Mike Lobel- Pro FIFA Player- - Redbull sponsored Player Nelson Rodriguez - Director of Global Media Strategy for Akamai Austin Long VP Gaming Partnerships & Strategy Omnimedia Jim Ferris and Michael Wan from Boston Celtics (CLTX Gaming NBA 2k) General Frank Muth - oversees recruiting and esports for the US Army Esports
Here is our website: www.collegesportsexpo.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/collegeesportsx Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/events/2120351391344308/ Eventbrite Link: https://bit.ly/2FfczlB Discount Code: Half (for 1/2 off)
Emerson Esports Program info:
The esports program at Emerson has been active in the local Boston esports community through projects with various partners, ie. management, production and content creation for the Boston Uprising's Collegiate Cup tournament, producing Redbull Conquest and the PlayVS MA State High School esports championship and helping the US Army esports program by providing strategic planning. We have placed several students in jobs and internships via our alumni network who currently work for Riot Games (3), Boston Uprising (1), Kraft Sports and Entertainment (1), Team Liquid (1), Superleague Gaming (1) and EA Sports (1). Last summer, Emerson is one of the first colleges to offer esports courses, we hosted the first pre-college program in the US for high school students, we have created the first collegiate seminar devoted to collegiate esports (CEX), and we are in the midst of launching the first content platform strictly for collegiate esports. Also, last summer Emerson partnered with ESPN to host a summer program surrounding the ESPY Awards. The esports program at Emerson has been active in the local Boston esports community through projects with various partners, ie. management, production and content creation for the Boston Uprising's Collegiate Cup tournament, producing Redbull Conquest and the PlayVS MA State High School esports championship and helping the US Army esports program by providing strategic planning. We have placed several students in jobs and internships via our alumni network who currently work for Riot Games (3), Boston Uprising (1), Kraft Sports and Entertainment (1), Team Liquid (1), Superleague Gaming (1) and EA Sports (1). Last summer, Emerson is one of the first colleges to offer esports courses, we hosted the first pre-college program in the US for high school students, we have created the first collegiate seminar devoted to collegiate esports (CEX), and we are in the midst of launching the first content platform strictly for collegiate esports. Also, last summer Emerson partnered with ESPN to host a summer program surrounding the ESPY Awards.
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2017 Global Partner Summit: The IT Evolution – Anup Sharma and Jim Fowler - Duration: 24:34. GE Digital 1,530 views. 24:34. In Part 2, Lobel discusses being on Millionaire Matchmaker, his struggle with relationships, the importance of promoting positive things and more. When it comes to hip-hop, Lobel has seen and done ... Prince Lobel Partner Kristin Knuuttila speaks about pursuing her passion in becoming a litigator, providing her clients with quality service and working for a firm that allows her the flexibility ... Met Inspiratie creëerde en produceerde in samenwerking met Cushman & Wakefield, De Lobel & Partners en Rody Dubbelman - R Drone deze sfeervolle promo voor Prologis. De promo vertelt waarom een ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Solar roof top power plant, solar ongrid project, solar energy system, solar subsidy, solar gujrat power policy, solar domestic system, solar grid connected ... Lobel Solar Power System - MNRE CHANNEL PARTNER uploaded a video 7 years ago 4:47 Make your own portable small lobel solar lantern - Duration: 4 minutes, 47 seconds. Selam ben yunus brawl stars global partner oldum ilk sneak peek videom ile beraberiz brawl talk güncelleme videolarını artık kanalımdan izleyebileceksiniz iy... solar bike, solar green scooter, solar cycle, solar two wheeler, solar power, solar energy, solar power, solar wheel, solar industry, solar pv, solar green & clean energy, green vehicle, pollution ... Lobel Solar 5 HP Pump Set On Grid solar plant - Duration: 1:19. Lobel Solar Power System - MNRE CHANNEL PARTNER 309 views. 1:19. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off ...