Tasha Smith dating

Tasha Smith’s Boyfriend. Tasha Smith is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Tasha had at least 2 relationship in the past. Tasha Smith has not been previously engaged. She was married to music producer Keith Douglas. According to our records, she has no children. Tasha Smith has given hope to women of a particular age who believe they will never find love. The 48-year-old actress announced she is dating actor Michael K. Williams. Smith posted an Instagram.com photo that shows her lounging by the pool in Atlanta with Williams, 52, on Memorial Day. Tasha Smith has been in an on-screen matchup with Faizon Love in Couples Retreat (2009).. Tasha Smith is a member of the following lists: American film actors, American television actors and American Christians.. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Tasha Smith! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Tasha Smith, one of the stars of the iconic rom-com, 'Why Did I Get Married' has revealed that she is dating 'The Wire' star Michael K. Williams. She posted a picture of the two along with the caption: Tasha Smith On Dating By Her Own Rules and Leaving Her Mark In Hollywood By Jasmine Grant · April 9, 2019 April 10, 2019 'I'm not putting pressure on myself when it comes to dating and I'm not ... Tasha Smith Dating Michael K. Williams. Tasha Smith is in love and beaming. The actress/Tasha Smith Actor’s Workshop owner announced over the weekend that she’s found love with Michael K. Williams and she couldn’t be happier. “Nothing makes me happier!!!!! The love Of my life @bkbmg ️ ️ ️,” she captioned a coupled up pic of them. Tasha Smith Confirms She’s Dating Michael K. Williams. Bossip.com. Posted May 28, 2019. Source: Gabriel Olsen / Getty. Tasha Smith is in love and beaming. The actress/Tasha Smith Actor’s Workshop owner announced over the weekend that she’s found love with Michael K. Williams and she couldn’t be happier. On Memorial Day (March 27), Tasha shared a lovey dovey pic of herself and her new beau, with the following caption: “Verified Nothing makes me happier!!!!! The love Of my life … this man gives me goose bumps!!!!!” Now See The Actor Tasha Smith Is Dating & What Her Celeb Friends Are Saying>>> — Tasha (@tashasmith4real) January 14, 2019. Company Partnerships and net worth. Tasha smith has several other organizations including “US”, a natural cologne lineup they had begun in 2011 using Keith Douglas, her husband at that moment. Currently, Tasha Smith is reported to possess a net worth of roughly $1.5M.

Everything we know about Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

2020.08.24 21:56 LexieJeid Everything we know about Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

[PLEASE NOTE: I will keep this list as up-to-date as possible before too many details make it impossible. If you find a new source of information (a tweet, a Youtube video, an article or interview), please send the link to me. I will check the source for new, credible information and update the list.]

The Basics

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything comes out November 17th, 2020.

Classes and Subclasses




The book includes "spells for both player characters and monsters."


There will be new feats.

Magic Items

There will be new magic items, including new "campaign-defining" artifacts and magical tattoos.
Magic Tattoos

DM Tools

The book contains rules for:
Magical environments are perfect for high-level encounters.
Magical Environments include:
Examples include:



Official Wizards of the Coast product description for Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Elle Osili-Wood on Twitter - mentions Sidekicks
Gurav Gulati on Twitter - mentions Group Patrons
Mica Burton on Twitter - mentions Genie Patron
Omega Jones aka Critical Bard on Twitter - mentions Bard College of Creation
Sam de Leve on Twitter - mentions various magic items
Tanya De Pass on Twitter - mentions Armorer Specialist Artificer
Viva La Dirt League on Facebook - mentions new spells
Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Has, Well… Everything for 5E D&D Nerdarchy
Dungeons & Dragons Announces Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, A Major New Rules Expansion comicbook.com
Dungeons & Dragons Announces New Book and Fall Event IGN.com
With D&D's Next Rulebook, Character Creation Will Never Be the Same io9
Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything coming in November, brings new ways to personalize your characters Gaming Trend
Dungeons & Dragons Announced A New Book With A Little Bit Of “Everything” Forbes
1 credible anonymous source
Issue 33 (August 26, 2020) of Dragon+: https://dnd.dragonmag.com/2020/08/12/in-the-works-tashas-cauldron-of-everything/content.html
DnD Adventurers League on Twitter
Preview of Wild Magic Barbarian and Genie Warlock subclasses D&D Celebration
Adventurer’s League Players Guide v10
Mind sliver preview D&D Celebration
Jeremy Crawford and Chris Perkins in “Dungeons & Designers” panel at D&D Celebration twitch.tv/dnd
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2020.08.07 15:34 verbsnounsandshit [FIGHT THREAD] Terri Harper vs Tasha Jonas, Anthony Fowler vs Adam Harper & live round-by-round coverage

DATE Friday 7th August 2020
LOCATION Matchroom Fight Camp, Brentwood, UK
TELEVISION Sky Sports Main Event & Action (UK), DAZN (Selected Worldwide)
TIME 7:30pm (Brentwood), 12:30pm (LA), 3:30pm (NYC), 6:30am Saturday (Sydney)

Terri Harper vs Tasha Jonas

10 Rounds x 2 Minutes

WBC World Female Super Featherweight Title

IBO World Female Super Featherweight Title

Terri Harper vs Tasha Jonas
10(5)-0-0 RECORD 9(7)-1-0
23 AGE 36
5'8.5" HEIGHT 5'8"
65" REACH ?
129.25 lbs WEIGHT 129 lbs
Orthodox STANCE Southpaw
Denaby, UK HOMETOWN Liverpool, UK
5(3)-0-0 LAST FIVE 4(3)-1-0

Anthony Fowler vs Adam Harper

10 Rounds

Super Welterweight Division

Anthony Fowler vs Adam Harper
12(9)-1-0 RECORD 9(0)-1-0
29 AGE 32
5'11" HEIGHT 5'9"
155.5 lbs WEIGHT 156.75 lbs
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox
Liverpool, UK HOMETOWN Bath, UK
4(2)-1-0 LAST FIVE 4(0)-1-0

Other Undercard Fights

  • Chris Billam-Smith vs Nathan Thorley
  • Ivan 'Hopey' Price vs Jonny Phillips

Live Round-By-Round Coverage

Terri Harper vs Tasha Jonas

Round 1

My God, this card has been awful. Let's hope the main event saves it. Lots of bobbing but very few punches in the first 30 seconds. Harper lands to the body. Jonas gets a right to the body from southpaw. Nice jab from Harper. Jonas lands another jab. One-two to the body from Jonas. She's winning this round. Left down the middle from Jonas. TJ uses her feet well to make Harper miss.
Jonas 10-9 Harper

Round 2

Harper with a jab, but Jonas responds in kind. Jonas to the body. Left to the body from Jonas. Nice left up top from Jonas, but Harper comes charging in and they're swinging wildly. Jonas does the better work off the ropes, but both landed multiple punches in that exchange. Great jab from Harper. Jonas is cut. Nice hook up top from Jonas. One-two from Harper. This is a closer round. One-two Jonas, but Harper counters well.
Harper 10-9 Jonas Draw 19-19

Round 3

TH lands a jab to the body, but Jonas lands harder upstairs. Good one-two from Harper. Hard right from Jonas must have hurt. Harper with a big right. Jonas is spun around from that punch. Wild stuff here, but it's Harper landing the better shots. Nice hook Jonas, but TH responds with a combo. Some brutal stuff in there.
Harper 10-9 Jonas Harper 29-28 Jonas

Round 4

Harper's jab is keeping Jonas off her. Jonas caught on the way in. She's not getting in close this round. They tie up, and both women land in the clinch. Jonas lands big hooks to the head from in close. Right through the guard from Harper. Left hook TH. Jonas has done enough to turn this round.
Jonas 10-9 Harper Draw 38-38

Round 5

Nice left from Jonas, but Harper catches her with a combo on the counter. They get in close, and Harper does the better work on the inside. Hard hook to the body from Jonas. TH lands up top. They clinch, and TH scores with a couple to the head. Big right Harper. Jonas does the better work from close. Jonas boxing well off the ropes. Great left hook to the temple from Jonas. TH uppercuts And again. Wild stuff here. Harper with a short right.
Jonas 10-9 Harper Jonas 48-47 Harper

Round 6

This has been wild fun. TH to the body. Hard left Jonas. Big left up top Jonas, but Harper comes back with a one-two. They trade chin music from up close. Harper with clubbing hooks as Jonas is stuck in the corner. Big right Harper. That sent Jonas flying back. Nice body work from Jonas, but Harper just edges the final exchange.
Harper 10-9 Jonas Draw 57-57

Round 7

Nice left from Jonas, but again Harper catches her on the counter. They're up close, and Jonas does the better work in the phone booth. TJ using her feet well to get out of range. Right from Harper. Jonas misses wildly. Nice jab TH. Harper hooks to the temple. And again. Jonas scoring on the inside but not doing much damage. Harper with an uppercut.
Harper 10-9 Jonas Harper 67-66 Jonas

Round 8

Body jab Jonas. Big shot from Jonas has wobbled Harper. Harper in a bit of trouble. Jonas with a combo to the body. Harper lands a right, but Jonas with a spiteful hook up top. Big left down the pipe from the Liverpudlian. Harper gets in some body shots with Jonas on the ropes. Nice combo Harper. She's over the worst. Great counter hook Jonas.
Jonas 10-9 Harper Draw 76-76

Round 9

Harper with a snapping jab. She jumps in and punishes Jonas with her hooks. Huge right hook from Jonas catches TH on the chin. Harper with a right through the guard. Jonas with a hard hook to the body. This has been wild stuff from the second or third round. Big hook from close from Jonas. They clinch and Harper scores with a couple. Jonas to the body. Close round but the better shots came from Jonas.
Jonas 10-9 Harper Jonas 86-85 Harper

Round 10

Last round. Jonas with a smart left hook. Hurtful hook to the body from Jonas negates Harper's hustling. Harper gets her woman onto the ropes but doesn't land much clean. Harper scores with multiple hooks. Uppercut from TH. Harper to the body. Huge left hook from Harper. She's swarming Jonas this round.Great hook Harper. This is a dominant round. Jonas on the ropes, but she finally gets some joy. Big right from Jonas. And it's over. Could go either way,
Harper 10-9 Jonas Draw 95-95


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2020.03.15 19:42 Dianthaa Another bingo round-up with 2 and 3/4 cards, a few mini-reviews and stats

Another bingo round-up with 2 and 3/4 cards, a few mini-reviews and stats
I started working on this post at the end of November when I was two or three books away from finishing my two cards. Procrastinated it so much that I realized it would be a lot more helpful by this point to wait till the new squares are up and include that info with the mini-reviews. So this post only has mini-reviews for underrated books in my hard mode card, the rest will come in a bigger mini-review post with new squares. Like this one mini-reviews of bingo books from last year that have under 2500ish ratings on Goodreads and how they fit this year’s squares.

higher-res visual cards

A few stats

I had a few personal goals starting out, I'll be listing Total (hard card/normal card/ leftover card) for all categories that I tracked. All in all, I read 69 cards that fit bingo, one hard mode card, one and 3/4 normal mode cards. I've got 49/69 squares in hard mode. I went so hard for hero mode that not only did I review all of them (a few are still in my draft folder), but I ended starting a review blog. So thanks for the new hobby Reddit, it's lots of fun!
  • Self-published: goal 25%, achieved 30% 21 books (5/9/7)
  • Books by women: goal 50%, achieved 58% 40 books (13/14/13)
  • Romanian books: goal 5%, achieved 7% 5 books (3/2/0)
  • Older than 20 years: goal 10%, achieved 6% 4 books (3/1/0)
  • Audiobooks: 54% 37 books (13/11/13)
  • Ebooks: 19% 13 books (7/4/2)
  • Paperback: 19% 13 books (5/7/1)
  • Hard mode books: 71% 49 books (25/15/9)
Review links are to my review on reddit. The links for the book titles below lead to Goodreads. GR means the number of goodreads ratings, I added these into my spreadsheet early on, so they're not up to date. I've added a line about each book and a little mini-review for books with under 2500 GR, these also have their titles in bold.


First Row Across:

  • Slice of Life / Small Scale Fantasy – The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison, (GR 22,425) review– amazing book with the most likeable, kind protagonist learning how to rule an empire, not action focused at all
  • A SFF Novel Featuring a Character With a DisabilityThe Warrior’s Apprentice by Lois McMaster Bujold (GR 22,180)review If you haven’t already, drop everything and read this book. Fun, well written, clever space adventure with a smart manic protagonist
  • SFF Novella – Când penele roșii vor plânge by Lucian Dragoş Bogdan, (GR 13) review, I found this one interesting and it left me wanting to explore more of the world. The story deals with the morality and struggles of trying to resurrect an extinct species, in hopes it will once again protect the galaxy against a powerful foe. I liked the different species, such as a birdlike person who does a lot of meditation through dancing.
  • Self-Published SFF Novel Mid-Lich Crisis by Steve Thomas (GR 50, but I read it when it had 11) review A fun comedy about an undead necromancer lord trying to prove to the world that he'd not the e-word. I really loved the main character, the narrator's snark and all the different little pokes at genre tropes.
  • SFF Novel Featuring TwinsThe Mage-Born Anthology by Kayleigh Nicol,( GR19) review short stories with each of the siblings in the Mage-Born series. I really enjoyed it, and I read it with no prior knowledge of the series. I liked how different all the stories felt, despite tackling the same theme in the same universe. I loved the characters, especially bookish Reina.


Second Row Across:

  • Novel Featuring VampiresStrange Practice by Vivian Shaw (GR 7,716), review, read for book club, interesting on urban fantasy, the main character is a doctor for supernatural people
  • Format: Audiobook – the behemoth that was Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Cimmerian Barbarian: The Complete Weird Tales Omnibus (GR 116), review, Classic sword and sorcery, a lot of fun adventures, wouldn't recommend reading the entire collection in one go. It got repetitive, a lot of the stories are written to a formula, and the dated aspects got grating.
  • SFF Novel by a Local to You AuthorCiudatul Caz al Umbrelor by Daniel Timariu (GR 11), review, Dresden Files set in my city, loved reading something in my city. I liked how there's an entire supernatural underworld. The cool thing is that their character names are based on who was in charge of the city when the sup. species arrived here, so there are old Dacian names, Hungarian names, Romanian names, etc.
  • SFF Novel Featuring an Ocean Setting The Bone Ships by RJ Barker (GR 803), review. The Bone Ships is the only book I read last year that I've already reread (well, relistened, the narration is excellent). It follows the former captain of a ship of the dead, crewed by condemned criminals, on a nautical adventure. The worldbuilding is detailed and dark, but the overall tone of the book is positive. It's got a lot of slice-of-sailor-life moments, but also very cool ship-to-ship battles.
  • CyberpunkAlif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson (GR 15,375) , review . Read for book club. Hacker makes stalking magic program get chased down by the government, ends up in Djinn town for a while


Third Row Across:

  • 2nd ChanceRed Sister by Mark Lawrence (GR 32,173),review, I see the appeal, but was a strongly meh book for me, didn't hate it, just didn't like it either. The concept of badass nuns on a dying world is great, I'll give it that
  • Afrofuturism Escaping Exodus by Nicky Drayden (GR 286), review A sci-fi story taking place on a living spaceship. A huge, goey, often disgusting, beast flying through space with humans modifying it so they can live inside. A lot of the focus is on the ship itself, all the challenges it poses, and on the divided matriachal society that inhabits it.
  • SFF Novel Published in 2019 The Imaginary Corpse by Tyler Hayes (GR 204), review. A noir detective mystery taking place in an imaginary land. A children's story for grown-ups, dealing with all the feelings, from the warm fuzzies to deep trauma. Despite going to some dark places along the way it is extremely uplifting.
  • Middle Grade SFF NovelCe vad Dragonii by Diana Geacar (GR 4), review, A sort of soft LitRPG (no stats) merging gamelit and Alice in Wonderland. I liked the characters but the tone ended up too preachy for my taste, and some parts a bit awkward.
  • A Personal Recommendation from FantasySpirits Rising by Krista D Ball (GR 266) -review, novella series, Tiny-town urban fantasy set in Newfoundland. The theme with Krista's books seems to be great characters, this is no exception I loved Rachel, the main character who can talk to ghosts. I also liked the cosy feel but also dealing with dark shit.


Fourth Row Across:

  • Any fantasy Book Club Book of the Month OR fantasy Read-along Book City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty, (GR 31,112) review a hustler from Egypt ends up in Djinn City, which is beautiful
  • Media Tie-In NovelSuspicious Minds by Gwenda Bond (GR 4,715), review, a Stranger Things prequel, it was ok, but too heartbreaking for me knowing how the characters would end up
  • Novel Featuring an AI CharacterFor We Are Many: Bobiverse, Book 2 by Dennis E. Taylor (GR 28,966), reviewGeek ends up as AI of space probe has to save humanity
  • SFF Novel That Has a Title of Four or More Words Those Brave, Foolish Souls from the City of Swords by Benedict Patrick (GR 237),review .I loved all the Yarnsworld books I read this year. This one is about never meeting your heroes, and its setting is inspired by central or south American about 100 years or so after the Spanish colonization. The gods and creatures in it were very creepy and angry.
  • Retelling!Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett,(GR 86,676) review retelling Macbeth and other Shakespeare plays. Huge fan of Pratchett and especially the Witches, so a favorite, my one reread for this card

Fifth Row Across:

  • SFF Novel by an Australian AuthorWe Ride the Storm by Devin Madson (GR 324), review An Eastern inspired epic fantasy with a whoresassin and lots of beheadings. I read it before it was trad-pubbed, but now would no longer count for hard mode. There are 3 pov characters on different sides of a dangerous conflict. I particularly liked how everything came together to form a big picture.
  • The Final Book of a SeriesDragon Blood by Patrica Briggs (the Hurog duology)( GR 8,360) review Sword and sorcery with a big barbarian and dragon magic. I did a derp and read book 2 of the duology thinking it was book 1, still fun.
  • #OwnVoicesAdventures in New America, an audiodrama written by Stephen Winter and Tristan Cowen,(not on GR, but fewer than 500 followers on spotify or itunes) review. Weird dystopian tale with vampires from outer space and great voice acting. It’s like a radio show set in the world where the events take place. The story itself is cool, described as “sci-fi, political satire, Afrofuturistic buddy comedy” and the characters are fun to be around and clever.
  • LitRPGChanging Faces by Sarah Lin (GR 418), review A villain in transposed to the body of a player character and has to figure out his new situation. He's very annoyed by stat boxes which makes for a very fun book. One of the many "necromancer finding himself" books I read last year.
  • Five SFF Short StoriesRip-Off edited by Gardner Dozois (GR 719)- review a short story anthology where each story rips-off the first line of another book. My favorite was by far The Lady Astronaut of Mars by Mary Robinette Kowal. As with most anthology, I thought some of them were really interesting and others pretty meh.
And here go my other 1 and 3/4 cards, just basic info, mini-reviews to come, but if you're scrambling to finish bingo ask me about them and I'll give more info:

Completed card

First Row Across:
  • Slice of Life / Small Scale Fantasy -Balam, Spring by Travis M. Riddle, review a death in a sleepy town is investigated by the new doctor
  • A SFF Novel Featuring a Character With a Disability - Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • SFF Novella Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues by Molly Harper
  • Self-Published SFF Novel Queens of the Wyrd by Timandra Whitecastle
  • SFF Novel Featuring Twins -A Dragon of a Different Color by Rachel Aaron
Second Row Across:
  • Vampires: Seashells, Spells and Caramels by Erin Johnson
  • Format: Graphic Novel: Monstress by Marjorie M. Liu
  • SFF Novel by a Local to You Author - Tenebre Cazul Laura by Daniel Timariu, review, Dresden Files set in my city
  • Ocean Setting: Where the Waters Turn Black by Benedict Patrick, review Polynesian inspired tale of friendship and slight horror mixed with folk tales, set on an isolated archipelago
  • Cyberpunk: Omul fluture by Lucian Dragos Bogdan & Teodora Matei
Third Row Across:
  • Replaced square: Non-fiction fantasy-related book: The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, an autbobigraphicalish anthology by Hope Nicholson
  • Africanfuturism: The Binti Trilogy by Nneki Okorafor
  • Published in 2019: Fortune's Fool by Angela Boord, review an assassin out for revenge in an Italy-inspired setting
  • Middle Grade: Wishes and Wellingtons by Julie Berry, review boarding school girl finds a genie
  • Personal rec: A Magical Inheritance by Krista D Ball
Fourth Row Across:
  • Any fantasy Book Club Book of the Month OR fantasy Read-along Book Vita Nostra by Marina and Serghei Dyachenko
  • Media Tie-in: Carnival Row: Tangle in the Dark by Stephanie K Smith
  • AI Character: Murderbot novellas by Martha Wells
  • SFF Novel That Has a Title of Four or More Words - The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee
  • Retelling: Beautiful by Juliet Marillier
Fifth Row Across:
  • SFF Novel by an Australian Author –Sabriel by Garth Nix
  • The Final Book of a Series -Realm of Ash by Tasha Suri
  • #OwnVoice: The Last Sun by KD Edwards
  • LitRPG: Dungeon Born by Dakota Krout
  • Short Stories: The Girl who Married a Skull and Other African Stories

Incomplete card

First Row Across:
  • Slice of Life / Small Scale Fantasy - Pemberley: Mr. Darcy's Dragon by Maria Grace
  • A SFF Novel Featuring a Character With a Disability - Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft
  • SFF Novella The Dispatcher by John Scalzi
  • Self-Published SFF Novel Clockworld The Iron City by Ben Myatt
  • SFF Novel Featuring Twins Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir
Second Row Across:
  • Vampires: Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu
  • Format: Graphic Novel: DC Bombshells by Margueritte Bennet
  • Ocean Setting: Mermaid Fins, Winds and Rolling Pins by Erin Johnson
  • Cyberpunk: currently reading The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday by Saad Hossain
Third Row Across:
  • Replaced square: Reviewed on Fantasy**:** Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri
  • Published in 2019: Kingdom of Copper by SA Chakraborty
  • Personal rec: The Demons We See by Krista D Ball
Fourth Row Across:
  • Any fantasy Book Club Book of the Month OR fantasy Read-along Book Witchmark by CL Polk
  • AI Character: Minimum Wage Magic by Rachel Aaron
  • SFF Novel That Has a Title of Four or More Words - They Mostly Come Out at Night by Benedict Patrick
  • Retelling: Spining Silver by Naomi Novik
Fifth Row Across:
  • The Final Book of a Series -Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
  • #OwnVoices: The Ballad of the Beanstalk by Amy McNulty
  • Short Stories: A Witch’s Guide to Escape by Alix E Harrow; The House on the Moon by William Alexander; An Open Letter to the Family by Jennifer Brozek; The Cat Who Walked a Thousand Miles by Kij Johnson and Nine Lives by Karli Rush
Originally posted on my blog
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2020.01.05 22:46 Reddit_Books New Releases for January 2020

New Releases for January 2020

Data courtesy http://www.bookreporter.com
For more discussion, see the monthly New Releases post.
Title Author ReleaseDate
Adult Fiction
Moral Compass Danielle Steel January 7, 2020
Working Robert A. Caro January 7, 2020
Consider This Chuck Palahniuk January 7, 2020
The Magical Language of Others E. J. Koh January 7, 2020
Deep Creek Pam Houston January 7, 2020
The Elephant in the Room Tommy Tomlinson January 14, 2020
The Source of Self-Regard Toni Morrison January 14, 2020
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker Damon Young January 14, 2020
When They Call You a Terrorist Patrisse Khan-Cullors January 14, 2020
Uncanny Valley Anna Wiener January 14, 2020
Maid Stephanie Land January 21, 2020
Together Judy Goldman January 21, 2020
Children of the Land Marcelo Hernandez Castillo January 28, 2020
Inheritance Dani Shapiro January 28, 2020
Wild Bill Tom Clavin January 7, 2020
The Third Rainbow Girl Emma Copley Eisenberg January 21, 2020
Come Tumbling Down Seanan McGuire January 7, 2020
A Beginner's Guide to Free Fall Andy Abramowitz January 1, 2020
Dear Edward Ann Napolitano January 6, 2020
The Martin Chronicles John Fried January 7, 2020
Welcome to the Pine Away Motel and Cabins Katarina Bivald January 7, 2020
Creatures Crissy Van Meter January 7, 2020
Hindsight Iris Johansen January 7, 2020
Fall Back Down When I Die Joe Wilkins January 7, 2020
Too Close to Home Andrew Grant January 7, 2020
Topics of Conversation Miranda Popkey January 7, 2020
A People's History of Heaven Mathangi Subramanian January 14, 2020
Cheer Up, Mr. Widdicombe Evan James January 14, 2020
The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls Anissa Gray January 14, 2020
Unquiet Linn Ullmann January 14, 2020
The Sweet Indifference of the World Peter Stamm January 20, 2020
American Dirt Jeanine Cummins January 21, 2020
Processed Cheese Stephen Wright January 21, 2020
Hi Five Joe Ide January 28, 2020
White Elephant Julie Langsdorf January 28, 2020
Historical Fiction
The Girls with No Names Serena Burdick January 7, 2020
The Night Tiger Yangsze Choo January 7, 2020
The Widows Jess Montgomery January 7, 2020
House on Endless Waters Emuna Elon January 7, 2020
Lady Clementine Marie Benedict January 7, 2020
Spitfire M.L. Huie January 7, 2020
The Gimmicks Chris McCormick January 7, 2020
The Daughter's Tale Armando Lucas Correa January 7, 2020
Westering Women Sandra Dallas January 7, 2020
Near Prospect Park Lawrence H. Levy January 14, 2020
That Churchill Woman Stephanie Barron January 14, 2020
Little Gods Meng Jin January 14, 2020
All the Ways We Said Goodbye Beatriz Williams January 14, 2020
Big Lies in a Small Town Diane Chamberlain January 14, 2020
The Companion Kim Taylor Blakemore January 14, 2020
The Hollows Jess Montgomery January 14, 2020
Outside Looking In T. Coraghessan Boyle January 21, 2020
The Perilous Adventures of the Cowboy King Jerome Charyn January 28, 2020
The First Conspiracy Brad Meltzer January 7, 2020
Camelot's End Jon Ward January 21, 2020
Henry VIII Tracy Borman January 21, 2020
A Game of Birds and Wolves Simon Parkin January 28, 2020
The Invited Jennifer McMahon January 28, 2020
On the Bright Side Hendrik Groen January 7, 2020
Cleanness Garth Greenwell January 14, 2020
Hark Sam Lipsyte January 21, 2020
Vacuum in the Dark Jen Beagin January 28, 2020
Lost Hills Lee Goldberg January 1, 2020
Unspeakable Things Jess Lourey January 1, 2020
Give the Devil His Due Sulari Gentill January 6, 2020
The Lost Night Andrea Bartz January 7, 2020
The New Iberia Blues James Lee Burke January 7, 2020
The River Murders James Patterson January 7, 2020
First Cut Judy Melinek January 7, 2020
In the Shadow of Vesuvius Tasha Alexander January 7, 2020
Long Bright River Liz Moore January 7, 2020
Naked Came the Florida Man Tim Dorsey January 7, 2020
Careless Love Peter Robinson January 7, 2020
Facets of Death Michael Stanley January 7, 2020
If She Were Dead J.P. Smith January 7, 2020
No Sunscreen for the Dead Tim Dorsey January 7, 2020
The Black Ascot Charles Todd January 7, 2020
Treason Stuart Woods January 7, 2020
Westwind Ian Rankin January 7, 2020
Lost James Patterson January 13, 2020
A Good Man Ani Katz January 14, 2020
Scrublands Chris Hammer January 14, 2020
The Woman Inside E.G. Scott January 14, 2020
Wolf Pack C.J. Box January 14, 2020
No Mercy Joanna Schaffhausen January 14, 2020
Many Rivers to Cross Peter Robinson January 14, 2020
How Quickly She Disappears Raymond Fleischmann January 14, 2020
The Last Sister Kendra Elliot January 14, 2020
The Tenant Katrine Engberg January 14, 2020
Freefall Jessica Barry January 21, 2020
One Good Deed David Baldacci January 21, 2020
A Justified Murder Jude Deveraux January 21, 2020
The Murder List Hank Phillippi Ryan January 28, 2020
Chocolate Cream Pie Murder Joanne Fluke January 28, 2020
Redemption Point Candice Fox January 28, 2020
The A List J.A. Jance January 28, 2020
The Tale Teller Anne Hillerman January 28, 2020
Boys & Sex Peggy Orenstein January 7, 2020
Why We Can't Sleep Ada Calhoun January 7, 2020
This is Not How it Ends Rochelle B. Weinstein January 1, 2020
Where Have All the Boys Gone? Jenny Colgan January 7, 2020
You Were There Too Colleen Oakley January 7, 2020
The Country Guesthouse Robyn Carr January 7, 2020
The Vanishing Jayne Ann Krentz January 7, 2020
Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe Heather Webber January 7, 2020
Mixed Doubles Jill Mansell January 7, 2020
The Last Romantics Tara Conklin January 14, 2020
Almost Just Friends Jill Shalvis January 21, 2020
The Oysterville Sewing Circle Susan Wiggs January 21, 2020
When We Were Vikings Andrew David MacDonald January 28, 2020
Blessing in Disguise Danielle Steel January 28, 2020
Science Fiction
The God Game Danny Tobey January 7, 2020
The Heap Sean Adams January 7, 2020
Golden State Ben H. Winters January 14, 2020
Null Set S.L. Huang January 14, 2020
A Beginning at the End Mike Chen January 14, 2020
Followers Megan Angelo January 14, 2020
The End of the Ocean Maja Lunde January 14, 2020
A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World C.A. Fletcher January 21, 2020
Short Stories
Mouthful of Birds Samanta Schweblin January 7, 2020
The Wrong Heaven Amy Bonnaffons January 14, 2020
Fabulous Lucy Hughes-Hallett January 14, 2020
Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick Zora Neale Hurston January 14, 2020
The Winters Lisa Gabriele January 7, 2020
Deep State Chris Hauty January 7, 2020
Hunter Killer Brad Taylor January 7, 2020
Mr. Nobody Catherine Steadman January 7, 2020
Cross Her Heart Sarah Pinborough January 14, 2020
The Betrayals Fiona Neill January 14, 2020
The Hiding Place C.J. Tudor January 14, 2020
The Wife Before Me Laura Elliot January 14, 2020
Kingdomtide Rye Curtis January 14, 2020
The Better Liar Tanen Jones January 14, 2020
Beautiful Bad Annie Ward January 28, 2020
Cleaning the Gold Karin Slaughter January 28, 2020
Stalker Lars Kepler January 28, 2020
My Dark Vanessa Kate Elizabeth Russell March 10, 2020
Toward the Light Bonnar Spring January 7, 2020
The Catch Mick Herron January 8, 2020
The Vanishing Man Charles Finch January 14, 2020
Country Strong Linda Lael Miller January 21, 2020
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2019.07.26 17:59 Double-Parked_TARDIS Thirty-seven knee-jerk reactions I had while rewatching c2, e5–6 for the 50th time

  1. It just occurred to me that the W train makes an appearance in the opening credits. I wish I could say that this makes the show seem dated, but that train went back into service a couple of years back.
  2. Camille says "far and few between." Just another example of how much more educated she is than the other girls are.
  3. I understand why Tyra makes it clear to April during her (previously unaired) casting interview about the racism in the modeling industry. But she's really harsh. "Do you see Asian girls on the covers of magazines?" Ow. But then April tells Camille that there are fewer slots for Asian models than there are for "any single other race that you could think of right now." While she has a point, and this is nitpicking, there aren't exactly very many slots for Pacific Islanders or Native Americans, either...
  4. During the adjectives challenge, Sara gets the "exotic" label. Mm-hmm... And then she uses the word for herself during the interview challenge. Full circle!
  5. Mercedes' tears give me all the sadness.
  6. Ms. J. says he doesn't know where the psychic lady is. I BET SHE KNOWS WHERE HE IS, THOUGH! Also, the psychic, to Camille: "I don't care if you punch me." I guess Camille is filling the Ebony (c1) role of Sapphire. (smh)
  7. Xiomara: "I hear 'shopping spree,' and I'm, like, 'Where...and how much?'" This woman is my hero.
  8. The look that Janice gives Catie when Catie says she's a virgin. Oh, lawdy. Then, re April: "April doesn't know what to call herself, so that's what kind of bothers me about her. She clearly looks Asian, and she should be proud of it." OK...where to start with that one? I mean, does Janice expect April to traipse around, giving out business cards featuring the race question from the census with "White" and "Asian" both checked off? Despite all of...that, this is the episode where I think Janice is at her best. She almost feels like a maternal figure here.
  9. Yoanna half-suspected that the shoot would involve the contestants swimming in raw sewage. Her logic was sound. And then: "It's just, like, whoa." Camille's education manifests again!
  10. The piano music while Catie and Yoanna are shooting underwater is eerily beautiful. This show's score is underrated.
  11. I can empathize with Xiomara here; the moment my nose goes underwater, the water goes straight up it, and I start choking. Doesn't matter if I'm exhaling—the water will still go in. So, this isn't fair to her. Also, Nole compares April to the, and I quote, "Ever-ready bunny." Don't make pop culture references if you're going to get them wrong, honey.
  12. Janice says that Sara's photo is "too bicep-y." Sara's arms are outstretched with straight elbows, i.e., it is physiologically impossible for the shot to be "bicep-y." (For the record, the correct adjective would be "bicipital." Whenever a noun ends with "-ceps," the adjective ends with "-cipital" because LATIN. Also, the singular and the plural are the same—"one biceps" vs. "two biceps"—because LATIN LATIN GODDAMN LATIN. Come to think of it, "bicipital" just means "of or relating to the biceps," so I think a neologism such as "bicipitous"—“full of biceps"—would be more fitting. Rant over! Thanks for bearing with me.)
  13. Nigel: “This is ‘America's Next Top Model,’ not ‘America's Next Average Model.’" Ermahgerd, Ah herd ner ahdeer. How illuminating!
  14. SHANDI'S SHIRT READS "SHANTHRAX." What?! And then this nonsense among Nigel, Janice, and Nole rears its ugly head: "The bottom line is—is that, obviously, you did get a photograph." "All you need is one!" "No, we don't. I want to see a hundred!"
  15. And Mercedes jokes about her father being a drag queen. Bless. <3
  16. Camille is effing creepy. That is all.
  17. In the wide shot while April is accepting her photo, she has her hand on her hip at such an awkward angle that it looks as though she's trying to keep the bone from popping out.
  18. Xiomara: "Besides being born, this is the best thing that's ever happened to me." Wow.
  19. Camille: "I was just chilling. I wasn't nervous." I don't think that Janice was necessarily right when she called Camille psychotic, but the fact remains that Ms. Jamaica is disturbingly stoic.
  20. Mercedes practically squawks "Shut up!" in her confessional. Another reason why I adore her. However, she pronounces "photographer" as "photo-grapher." Em-PHAS-is on the wrong syl-LAB-le, much? She also worries that April will die of a heart attack before she reaches age 27 due to her anxiety. As a 28 year-old with April-esque levels of anxiety on a daily basis, I'm surprised I made it this far, too.
  21. Mr. Jay vogues a bit while introducing the concept of the photo shoot. OK. And then he introduces Bill Heuberger as a "noted fashion photographer." Wasn't that phrase trademarked by that point to only describe Nigel?
  22. This is Kyle Hagler's first appearance on the show, as ANTM was partnered with IMG this season. I'm bringing this up because he has long braids here, but when he reappears in c15, he has short blond hair. I guess everyone goes the Mr. Jay route eventually.
  23. Tasha Smith has such a pretty, soothing voice. I want her to narrate my life. And is that the "No Scrubs" theme that plays during her introduction, or is it just me? And then she tells the girls to look at the pieces of paper, and I thought she was about to lapse into a Patrick Star sort of "LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT IT. I WANT ALL OF YOU TO LOOK AT IT!!" Later, to Camille: "Come on! You're sucking right now!" And then: "God bless you and your career, but you're just boring." See, this is why I watch this terrible excuse for a show.
  24. Mercedes nonchalantly calls Shandi and Sara "hoes," and they laugh. Somewhere, most likely in metropolitan California, Melrose (c7) is silently screaming.
  25. April is working so goddamn hard to get her crap together this episode and outdo everyone else. This is the episode where I first started to really, really like her. The thing is, though—and this applies to all the contestants—she pronounces "months" as "munts." I know that "th" followed by "s" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but make an effort.
  26. Camille is ad-libbing, and Tasha's flipping through the script repeatedly. Girl, you know what Camille is saying isn't even in there. "I focused my energy into sculpting. I even gave some away to charity." Gave some of what, now?
  27. Mmmmm, this Mark Collier guy is FINE. (And either Tasha is really tall or he's a hot nugget.) And Catie is grossed out. What the what? And Camille thinks that Tasha is wrong for not liking the performance. Sigh. "Camille, you were not effective. And you refuse to be effective. I say, 'Get effective. Get effective.'" That could be a verse in an R&B song, honestly.
  28. James Gay's name is accurate. That is all.
  29. Catie: "Set me on fire—that's cool. Just don't put me up in the air." Why didn't we get this girl to cameo during the c16 runway challenge? Apparently, she causes such a problem that Mr. Jay has to talk to her outside the building. "I pretty much assume I'm gonna fall to my death, which is a very scary thought." I mean, unless that's your kink. But also, dangling midair above a 100-foot hole does not compare to dangling merely twenty feet in the air.
  30. Camille's random accent. Is this what Dionne (c8) thought she had to do during the acting challenge? "Camille needs to work on her diction."
  31. Mr. Jay: "Tough superhero, not tough Bronx." Mercedes, trying to cover: "I'm from Jersey!" Yes, you are, dear.
  32. Yoanna's cheekbones in the commercial scare me. And Shandi overdoes it a tad. But whatever.
  33. Tasha just randomly appears, almost hovering, beside the panel: "I need all of them to want you sexually. That's your objective." OK, girl.
  34. Camille delivers her line and then starts walking forward without breaking eye contact. The only other time I've laughed this hard at panel awkwardness is when Danielle (c6) was wearing that mask and slowly strutting towards a bug-eyed Ms. J.
  35. Tyra tells April that it's good that she can "go that other way" because it makes her more "versatile." Is she commenting on the androgyny of April's photo, or is Tyra trying to convince April to adjust her Kinsey scale ranking?
  36. Janice reads Shandi's shirt as "Evil Shand-eye." It says "Shandar." READ, DAMN IT! Also, Nigel, Yoanna can't be eliminated just because you don't want to see her in swimwear.
  37. I have come to a new conclusion about Camille, and it occurred to me while Tyra was criticizing her performance during the bottom two: "This week with the whole acting experience, you didn't open up. But being in the entertainment industry is all about vulnerability, and nobody wants a cold-ass model on set. Even right now, Camille—hard as nails. ‘I'm not gonna let anybody see me sweat. 'Cause if I have to pack my bags, they'll know I didn't shed any tears for them. I didn't show any vulnerability.’" It's not necessarily that Camille was rude, insensitive, privileged, literal, or apathetic, though she very much was all of those. Rather, it's that she simply didn't have the right type of personality for television. Notice how Tyra clearly says that vulnerability is key to success in the entertainment industry—with any connection to modeling an afterthought. That's what I think the issue is: Camille simply wasn't exciting enough in person to last on the show for as long as she had, and Tyra was misreading the whole situation, mistaking Camille's simple, innate lack of a strong personality for emotional repression. Look at how she's putting words in Camille's mouth; Camille probably wasn't thinking anything remotely close to the whole "I'm not gonna let anybody see me sweat" nonsense. Camille even established earlier in the episode that she was in no way nervous about going home when she and Xiomara appeared together in the bottom two; she was, to use her phrasing, "just chilling." Tyra kept thinking that the show would force Camille to reveal whatever she was holding in, but there wasn't much more there. And therein lies the problem.
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2019.07.01 16:01 Reddit_Books New Releases for July 2019

New Releases for July 2019

Data courtesy http://www.bookreporter.com
For more discussion, see the monthly New Releases post.
Title Author ReleaseDate
The Sum of All Shadows Eric Van Lustbader July 9, 2019
Bark of Night:An Andy Carpenter Novel David Rosenfelt July 16, 2019
The Family Next Door John Glatt July 23, 2019
Smokescreen Iris Johansen July 30, 2019
Killing with Confetti Peter Lovesey July 9, 2019
The Chain Adrian McKinty July 9, 2019
The Shameless Ace Atkins July 9, 2019
This Side of Night J. Todd Scott July 16, 2019
Beijing Payback Daniel Nieh July 23, 2019
Good Girl, Bad Girl Michael Robotham July 23, 2019
Dead Silence Wendy Corsi Staub July 23, 2019
The Russian Ben Coes July 30, 2019
Sophia, Princess Among Beasts James Patterson July 15, 2019
Girls Like Us Cristina Alger July 2, 2019
Heart of Barkness Spencer Quinn July 2, 2019
Maggie Brown & Others Peter Orner July 2, 2019
Paper Son S.J. Rozan July 2, 2019
Stone Cold Heart Caz Frear July 2, 2019
Surfside Sisters Nancy Thayer July 2, 2019
Tell Me Who We Were Kate McQuade July 2, 2019
The Hard Stuff David Gordon July 2, 2019
Very Nice Marcy Dermansky July 2, 2019
Wanderers Chuck Wendig July 2, 2019
A Stolen Summer Allegra Huston July 2, 2019
The Flight Girls Noelle Salazar July 2, 2019
The Romanov Empress C. W. Gortner July 2, 2019
In the Full Light of the Sun Clare Clark July 9, 2019
Dragonfly Leila Meacham July 9, 2019
Say Say Say Lila Savage July 9, 2019
Stay and Fight Madeline ffitch July 9, 2019
Under Currents Nora Roberts July 9, 2019
The Bookish Life of Nina Hill Abbi Waxman July 9, 2019
The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt Andrea Bobotis July 9, 2019
Costalegre Courtney Maum July 16, 2019
Family of Origin CJ Hauser July 16, 2019
If You Want to Make God Laugh Bianca Marais July 16, 2019
The Expectations Alexander Tilney July 16, 2019
The Nickel Boys Colson Whitehead July 16, 2019
The Philosopher's War Tom Miller July 16, 2019
The Second-Worst Restaurant in France Alexander McCall Smith July 16, 2019
Turbulence David Szalay July 16, 2019
Night Soil Dale Peck July 16, 2019
The Two Lila Bennetts Liz and Lisa Fenton and Steinke July 23, 2019
Home for Erring and Outcast Girls Julie Kibler July 23, 2019
The Helpline Katherine Collette July 23, 2019
The Lager Queen of Minnesota J. Ryan Stradal July 23, 2019
You've Been Volunteered Laurie Gelman July 23, 2019
Meet Me in Monaco Hazel Gaynor July 23, 2019
The Floating Feldmans Elyssa Friedland July 23, 2019
Turning Point Danielle Steel July 23, 2019
The Golden Wolf Linnea Hartsuyker July 24, 2019
The Oysterville Sewing Circle Susan Wiggs July 24, 2019
Chances Are... Richard Russo July 30, 2019
Someone We Know Shari Lapena July 30, 2019
That's What Frenemies Are For Sophie Littlefield July 30, 2019
The Vexations Caitlin Horrocks July 30, 2019
The Incendiaries R.O. Kwon July 30, 2019
The Shakespeare Requirement Julie Schumacher July 30, 2019
Historical Fiction
Chimes of a Lost Cathedral Janet Fitch July 2, 2019
Deep River Karl Marlantes July 2, 2019
The Fallen Architect Charles Belfoure July 2, 2019
Bethlehem Karen Kelly July 9, 2019
A House Divided Jonathan F. Putnam July 9, 2019
The Golden Hour Beatriz Williams July 9, 2019
Uneasy Lies the Crown Tasha Alexander July 16, 2019
Black Sun Owen Matthews July 23, 2019
The Chelsea Girls Fiona Davis July 30, 2019
A Capitol Death Lindsey Davis July 30, 2019
Gettysburg Kevin Morris July 2, 2019
The Ghost Clause Howard Norman July 2, 2019
Copperhead Alexi Zentner July 9, 2019
A Prayer for Travelers Ruchika Tomar July 9, 2019
Whisper Network Chandler Baker July 2, 2019
One Little Secret Cate Holahan July 9, 2019
Gravity Is The Thing Jaclyn Moriarty July 23, 2019
The Possession Michael Rutger July 23, 2019
Game of Snipers Stephen Hunter July 30, 2019
The Lie William Dameron July 1, 2019
American Predator Maureen Callahan July 2, 2019
1968 Richard Vinen July 2, 2019
Four Friends William D. Cohan July 9, 2019
If Christopher Benfey July 9, 2019
America's Reluctant Prince Steven M. Gillon July 9, 2019
The Code Margaret O'Mara July 9, 2019
The Vagabonds Jeff Guinn July 9, 2019
Three Women Lisa Taddeo July 9, 2019
Searching for Stonewall Jackson Ben Cleary July 16, 2019
Body Leaping Backward Maureen Stanton July 16, 2019
The Liberation of Paris Jean Edward Smith July 23, 2019
Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
The Lightest Object in the Universe Kimi Eisele July 9, 2019
Psychological Suspense
Growing Things and Other Stories Paul Tremblay July 2, 2019
Layover David Bell July 2, 2019
Lock Every Door Riley Sager July 2, 2019
Temper Layne Fargo July 2, 2019
The Dead Girl in 2A Carter Wilson July 2, 2019
The Other Mrs. Miller Allison Dickson July 16, 2019
Someone Knows Lisa Scottoline July 30, 2019
The Betrayed Wife Kevin O'Brien July 30, 2019
We Came Here to Forget Andrea Dunlop July 2, 2019
The Me I Used to Be Jennifer Ryan July 2, 2019
The Last Book Party Karen Dukess July 9, 2019
Midnight at the Blackbird Café Heather Webber July 16, 2019
Window on the Bay Debbie Macomber July 16, 2019
Science Fiction
Null Set S. L. Huang July 9, 2019
Raised in Captivity Chuck Klosterman July 16, 2019
Short Stories
We Love Anderson Cooper R.L. Maizes July 23, 2019
Pretty Revenge Emily Liebert July 2, 2019
The Bouncer David Gordon July 2, 2019
The Need Helen Phillips July 9, 2019
The Substitution Order Martin Clark July 9, 2019
The Bookworm Mitch Silver July 9, 2019
The New Girl Daniel Silva July 16, 2019
Last Looks Howard Michael Gould July 16, 2019
The Heart Keeper Alex Dahl July 16, 2019
A Stranger on the Beach Michele Campbell July 23, 2019
Lady in the Lake Laura Lippman July 23, 2019
Goodnight Stranger Miciah Bay Gault July 30, 2019
Never Have I Ever Joshilyn Jackson July 30, 2019
The Arrangement Robyn Harding July 30, 2019
The Witch Elm Tana French July 30, 2019
Red Metal Mark Greaney July 16, 2019
Rules of War Matthew Betley July 16, 2019
The Gifted School Bruce Holsinger July 2, 2019
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2018.10.01 19:34 Reddit_Books New Releases for October 2018

New Releases for October 2018

Data courtesy http://www.bookreporter.com
For more discussion, see the monthly New Releases post and the NewReleaseBooks and NewBooks subreddits.
Title Author ReleaseDate
Zero Sum Game S. L. Huang October 2, 2018
Year One Nora Roberts October 2, 2018
Oathbringer Brandon Sanderson October 30, 2018
On Sunset Kathryn Harrison October 2, 2018
The Blue Kingfisher Erica Wright October 9, 2018
Wrecked Joe Ide October 9, 2018
Nantucket Counterfeit Steven Axelrod October 16, 2018
Townies Eryk Pruitt October 16, 2018
Pulse Michael Harvey October 23, 2018
Dark Sacred Night Michael Connelly October 30, 2018
Bright Ruin Vic James October 9, 2018
Rise of the Mystics Ted Dekker October 2, 2018
The Book of Magic George R. R. Martin, Scott Lynch, Elizabeth Bear, Garth Nix October 16, 2018
The Ragged Edge of Night Olivia Hawker October 1, 2018
A Spark of Light Jodi Picoult October 2, 2018
Becoming Mrs. Lewis Patti Callahan Henry, writing as Patti Callahan October 2, 2018
Blood Communion Anne Rice October 2, 2018
Book of the Just Dana Chamblee Carpenter October 2, 2018
Devil's Day Andrew Michael Hurley October 2, 2018
Gone So Long Andre Dubus III October 2, 2018
The Dead Ringer M. C. Beaton October 2, 2018
The Dream Daughter Diane Chamberlain October 2, 2018
The Kennedy Debutante Kerri Maher October 2, 2018
The Stranger Game Peter Gadol October 2, 2018
Virgil Wander Leif Enger October 2, 2018
War of the Wolf Bernard Cornwell October 2, 2018
Hardcore Twenty-Four Janet Evanovich October 2, 2018
The Sadness of Beautiful Things Simon Van Booy October 2, 2018
When the Men Were Gone Marjorie Herrera Lewis October 2, 2018
Wolf's Revenge Lachlan Smith October 2, 2018
Fall from Grace Danielle Steel October 2, 2018
A Cloud in the Shape of a Girl Jean Thompson October 9, 2018
Bridge of Clay Markus Zusak October 9, 2018
Godsend John Wray October 9, 2018
Holy Ghost John Sandford October 9, 2018
In the Night Wood Dale Bailey October 9, 2018
Killing Commendatore Haruki Murakami October 9, 2018
Shell Kristina Olsson October 9, 2018
The Clockmaker's Daughter Kate Morton October 9, 2018
Winter in Paradise Elin Hilderbrand October 9, 2018
The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter Hazel Gaynor October 9, 2018
White Dancing Elephants Chaya Bhuvaneswar October 9, 2018
Deck the Hounds David Rosenfelt October 16, 2018
Desperate Measures Stuart Woods October 16, 2018
The Christmas Star Donna VanLiere October 16, 2018
The Collector's Apprentice B. A. Shapiro October 16, 2018
The Darkness Ragnar Jonasson October 16, 2018
The Winters Lisa Gabriele October 16, 2018
Trinity Louisa Hall October 16, 2018
Unsheltered Barbara Kingsolver October 16, 2018
One Day in December Josie Silver October 16, 2018
Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe Melissa de la Cruz October 16, 2018
You Were Always Mine Nicole Baart October 16, 2018
Little Edward Carey October 23, 2018
Marilla of Green Gables Sarah McCoy October 23, 2018
The Line Martin Limon October 23, 2018
The Rain Watcher Tatiana de Rosnay October 23, 2018
The First Day Phil Harrison October 23, 2018
Winter Solstice Elin Hilderbrand October 23, 2018
Alice Isn't Dead Joseph Fink October 30, 2018
Deranged T.R. Ragan October 30, 2018
Family Trust Kathy Wang October 30, 2018
The Proposal Jasmine Guillory October 30, 2018
Historical Fiction
November Road Lou Berney October 9, 2018
The Fallen Architect Charles Belfoure October 9, 2018
A Well-Behaved Woman Therese Anne Fowler October 16, 2018
House of Gold Natasha Solomons October 23, 2018
Uneasy Lies the Crown Tasha Alexander October 30, 2018
Munich Robert Harris October 30, 2018
In The House in the Dark of the Woods Laird Hunt October 16, 2018
Let These Bones Live Again David Carlson October 1, 2018
Look for Me Lisa Gardner October 2, 2018
Red Alert James Patterson October 2, 2018
A Crafter Knits a Clue Holly Quinn October 9, 2018
A Thousand Devils Frank Goldammer October 9, 2018
Death in Paris Emilia Bernhard October 9, 2018
Down the Broken Road J. R. Backlund October 9, 2018
Penned Eileen Brady October 9, 2018
When You Find Me P. J. Vernon October 9, 2018
Crazy Like a Fox Rita Mae Brown October 9, 2018
Bring Them Home D. S. Butler October 11, 2018
Machine City Scott J. Holliday October 16, 2018
Residue Michael McGarrity October 16, 2018
Shell Game Sara Paretsky October 16, 2018
Lullaby Road James Anderson October 16, 2018
An Empire for Ravens Eric Mayer October 23, 2018
Bright Young Dead Jessica Fellowes October 30, 2018
Every Breath You Take Mary Higgins Clark October 30, 2018
A Dream Called Home Reyna Grande October 2, 2018
All You Can Ever Know Nicole Chung October 2, 2018
On Desperate Ground Hampton Sides October 2, 2018
Reagan Bob Spitz October 2, 2018
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told Nick Offerman October 2, 2018
There Will Be No Miracles Here Casey Gerald October 2, 2018
Valley Forge Bob Drury October 2, 2018
An Unlikely Journey Julian Castro October 9, 2018
Dominion Peter Ackroyd October 9, 2018
In My Father's House Fox Butterfield October 9, 2018
Invisible Stephen L. Carter October 9, 2018
Presidents of War Michael Beschloss October 9, 2018
The Souls of Yellow Folk Wesley Yang October 9, 2018
Thomas Cromwell Diarmaid MacCulloh October 9, 2018
From Here to Eternity Caitlin Doughty October 9, 2018
Kick-Ass Kinda Girl Kathi Koll October 9, 2018
A Mind Unraveled Kurt Eichenwald October 16, 2018
Almost Everything Anne Lamott October 16, 2018
American Dialogue Joseph J. Ellis October 16, 2018
Heavy Kiese Laymon October 16, 2018
In the Hurricane's Eye Nathaniel Philbrick October 16, 2018
My Love Story Tina Turner October 16, 2018
Ottolenghi Simple Yotam Ottolenghi October 16, 2018
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jane Sherron de Hart October 16, 2018
The Library Book Susan Orlean October 16, 2018
Vietnam Max Hastings October 16, 2018
Hacks Donna Brazile October 16, 2018
All the Way Joe Namath October 23, 2018
Charlie Company's Journey Home Andrew Wiest October 23, 2018
Cook Like a Pro Ina Garten October 23, 2018
Let it Bang RJ Young October 23, 2018
Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know Colm Tóibín October 30, 2018
Slowhand Philip Norman October 30, 2018
The White Darkness David Grann October 30, 2018
Well-Read Black Girl Glory Edim October 30, 2018
Psychological Suspense
The Lies We Told Camilla Way October 9, 2018
Strangers in Budapest Jessica Keener October 23, 2018
Alaskan Holiday Debbie Macomber October 2, 2018
Consumed J.R. Ward October 2, 2018
Cut and Run Mary Burton October 9, 2018
Merry and Bright Debbie Macomber October 9, 2018
Every Breath Nicholas Sparks October 16, 2018
Still Me Jojo Moyes October 23, 2018
Promise Not to Tell Jayne Ann Krentz October 23, 2018
Science Fiction
The Consuming Fire John Scalzi October 16, 2018
Red Moon Kim Stanley Robinson October 23, 2018
Short Stories
Friday Black Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah October 23, 2018
An Easy Death Charlaine Harris October 2, 2018
Dracul Dacre Stoker October 2, 2018
The Night in Question Nic Joseph October 2, 2018
Under My Skin Lisa Unger October 2, 2018
Ambush James Patterson October 8, 2018
The Girl from Berlin Ronald H. Balson October 9, 2018
The Witch Elm Tana French October 9, 2018
Elevation Stephen King October 10, 2018
Melmoth Sarah Perry October 16, 2018
The Craftsman Sharon Bolton October 16, 2018
The Holdouts James Tucker October 16, 2018
The Reckoning John Grisham October 23, 2018
Vendetta Iris Johansen October 23, 2018
The Midnight Witness Sara Blaedel October 23, 2018
The Spite Game Anna Snoekstra October 30, 2018
Open Your Eyes Paula Daly October 9, 2018
The Three Beths Jeff Abbott October 23, 2018
The Marylebone Drop Mick Herron October 30, 2018
The Big Fella Jane Leavy October 16, 2018
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2017.10.02 00:12 Reddit_Books New Releases for October 2017

New Releases for October 2017

Data courtesy http://www.bookreporter.com
For more discussion, see the monthly New Releases post and the NewReleaseBooks subreddit.
Title Author ReleaseDate
Quick and Dirty Stuart Woods October 24, 2017
The Book of Swords George R. R. Martin, Robin Hobb October 10, 2017
Uncommon Type Tom Hanks October 17, 2017
From Here to Eternity Caitlin Doughty October 3, 2017
Nine Continents Xiaolu Guo October 10, 2017
Saint Mick Mick Foley October 17, 2017
Where the Past Begins Amy Tan October 17, 2017
The Year of the Pitcher Sridhar Pappu October 3, 2017
Chasing Phil David Howard October 10, 2017
Hirschfeld Ellen Stern October 10, 2017
Schlesinger Richard Aldous October 10, 2017
A Secret Sisterhood Emily Midorikawa October 17, 2017
The First Major John Feinstein October 24, 2017
The Lost Founding Father William J. Cooper October 24, 2017
Contemporary Fiction
Merry and Bright Debbie Macomber October 3, 2017
Fairytale Danielle Steel October 10, 2017
Paris in the Present Tense Mark Helprin October 10, 2017
I Am Watching You Teresa Driscoll October 1, 2017
The Naturalist Andrew Mayne October 1, 2017
Origin Dan Brown October 3, 2017
Wolf's Revenge Lachlan Smith October 3, 2017
Deep Freeze John Sandford October 17, 2017
The Usual Santas Soho Crime October 24, 2017
Her Last Day T.R. Ragan October 24, 2017
Disaster Fiction
The Floating World C. Morgan Babst October 10, 2017
The Prague Sonata Bradford Morrow October 3, 2017
Family Life
The First Day Phil Harrison October 24, 2017
It Devours! Joseph Fink October 17, 2017
The Beautiful Ones Silvia Moreno-Garcia October 24, 2017
The Last Ballad Wiley Cash October 3, 2017
Winter Solstice Elin Hilderbrand October 3, 2017
Never Coming Back Alison McGhee October 10, 2017
The Dirty Book Club Lisi Harrison October 10, 2017
The Rules of Magic Alice Hoffman October 10, 2017
Seven Days of Us Francesca Hornak October 17, 2017
Start Without Me Joshua Max Feldman October 17, 2017
In the Midst of Winter Isabel Allende October 31, 2017
Hard-boiled Mystery
What We Reckon Eryk Pruitt October 10, 2017
What We Reckon Eryk Pruitt October 10, 2017
Historical Fiction
Manhattan Beach Jennifer Egan October 3, 2017
The Stolen Marriage Diane Chamberlain October 3, 2017
Death in St. Petersburg Tasha Alexander October 10, 2017
Mr. Dickens and His Carol Samantha Silva October 31, 2017
The Thin Light of Freedom Edward L. Ayers October 24, 2017
Strange Weather Joe Hill October 24, 2017
Crazy Like a Fox Rita Mae Brown October 31, 2017
You Were There Before My Eyes Maria Riva October 10, 2017
Ghost on the Case Carolyn Hart October 3, 2017
Hidden Scars Mark de Castrique October 3, 2017
Seven Suspects Renee James October 3, 2017
The Nine-Tailed Fox Martin Limon October 3, 2017
The Witches' Tree M. C. Beaton October 3, 2017
Lost Luggage Wendall Thomas October 3, 2017
Odd Child Out Gilly Macmillan October 3, 2017
Death Overdue Allison Brook October 10, 2017
Twelve Slays of Christmas Jacqueline Frost October 10, 2017
Killing Season Faye Kellerman October 17, 2017
Dying to Live Michael Stanley October 24, 2017
Even If It Kills Her Kate White October 31, 2017
Admissions Henry Marsh October 3, 2017
Ali Jonathan Eig October 3, 2017
Going Into Town Roz Chast October 3, 2017
I'm Fine...and Other Lies Whitney Cummings October 3, 2017
Logical Family Armistead Maupin October 3, 2017
Martin Luther Eric Metaxas October 3, 2017
Real American Julie Lythcott-Haims October 3, 2017
The Chicago Cubs Rich Cohen October 3, 2017
We Were Eight Years in Power Ta-Nehisi Coates October 3, 2017
Black Dahlia, Red Rose Piu Eatwell October 10, 2017
Code Girls Liza Mundy October 10, 2017
Grant Ron Chernow October 10, 2017
Hoover Kenneth Whyte October 10, 2017
Revolution Peter Ackroyd October 10, 2017
Christmas Judith Flanders October 17, 2017
Death in the Air Kate Winkler Dawson October 17, 2017
Endurance Scott Kelly October 17, 2017
Leonardo da Vinci Walter Isaacson October 17, 2017
Suzanne's Children Anne Nelson October 17, 2017
Women's Libation! Merrily Grashin October 17, 2017
Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans Brian Kilmeade October 24, 2017
Dare Not Linger Nelson Mandela October 24, 2017
Friends Divided Gordon Wood October 24, 2017
Hank and Jim Scott Eyman October 24, 2017
Hitler in Los Angeles Steven J. Ross October 24, 2017
Ice Capades Sean Avery October 24, 2017
In Shock Rana Awdish October 24, 2017
Member of the Family Dianne Lake October 24, 2017
Sisters First Jenna Bush Hager October 24, 2017
The Accidental President A. J. Baime October 24, 2017
The River of Consciousness Oliver Sacks October 24, 2017
The Way it Was Eliot Weisman October 24, 2017
Wayne and Ford Nancy Schoenberger October 24, 2017
Stalin Stephen Kotkin October 31, 2017
Psychological Suspense
The Last Day of Emily Lindsey Nic Joseph October 3, 2017
Smile Roddy Doyle October 17, 2017
The Last Mrs. Parrish Liv Constantine October 17, 2017
Psychological Thriller
Little Secrets Anna Snoekstra October 17, 2017
Science Fiction
Children of the Fleet Orson Scott Card October 10, 2017
Short Stories
Fresh Complaint Jeffrey Eugenides October 3, 2017
The Relive Box and Other Stories T.C. Boyle October 3, 2017
Her Body and Other Parties Carmen Maria Machado October 3, 2017
Tell Tale Jeffrey Archer October 24, 2017
A Selfie as Big as the Ritz Lara Williams October 31, 2017
The King is Always Above the People Daniel Alarcón October 31, 2017
Act of Betrayal Matthew Dunn October 24, 2017
Mind Game Iris Johansen October 24, 2017
Twin Peaks Mark Frost October 31, 2017
Two Kinds of Truth Michael Connelly October 31, 2017
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2017.05.05 02:57 milliways86 [Fandom Discussion] Supernatural Episode 12x20 - "Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes"

Episode Title Air Date Directed by Written by
Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes May 5th, 2017 Richard Speight, Jr. Steve Yockey
Synopsis: Alicia Banes (guest star Kara Royster) calls Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) for help after her mother, Tasha (guest star Alvina August), goes missing. Sam (Jared Padalecki) answers Mary’s phone and he and Dean (Jensen Ackles) head out to help Alicia and her twin brother, Max (guest star Kendrick Sampson), find their mother who was hunting a powerful witch. Meanwhile, Mary starts to have some doubts about the British Men of Letters.
Link to all our official fandom episode discussions here.
Discuss the episode from the fandom's point of view, meaning lots of theories, crazy opinions (or not) and just general discussion.
So what did you think of the episode?
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2017.05.05 01:45 milliways86 CAPSLOCK PARTY FOR S12E20 - "Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes"

Episode Title Air Date Directed by Written by
Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes May 5th, 2017 Richard Speight, Jr. Steve Yockey
Synopsis: Alicia Banes (guest star Kara Royster) calls Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) for help after her mother, Tasha (guest star Alvina August), goes missing. Sam (Jared Padalecki) answers Mary’s phone and he and Dean (Jensen Ackles) head out to help Alicia and her twin brother, Max (guest star Kendrick Sampson), find their mother who was hunting a powerful witch. Meanwhile, Mary starts to have some doubts about the British Men of Letters.
LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! (Don't feel like talking in caps? That's cool.) HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?!
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2016.12.07 16:55 eventbot What's happening around town (Wed, Dec 7th - Tue, Dec 13th)

Oklahoma City's event list.


  • A Christmas Carol (Plaza District) Thru Sat, Dec 24th Start Time: 12:30pm A spectacular new Oklahoma holiday tradition returns with Lyric Theatre's production of the Charles Dickens classic,…
  • Christmas in the Park (Yukon City Park, Freedom Trail Park & Chisholm Trail Park - Yukon) Thru Sat, Dec 31st Yukon's Christmas in the Park offers a beautiful lighted drive through three interconnecting parks. Yukon's…
  • Devon Ice Rink Thru Sun, Jan 29th The Devon Ice Rink returns for its seventh season in the Myriad Botanical Gardens this November through the end of…
  • Downs Family Christmas Lights (Down's Family Christmas Light Ministry - Norman) Thru Sun, Jan 1st The Downs Family Christmas Lights in Norman is one of the most spectacular light displays at a private residence in…
  • Chickasha Festival of Light (Shannon Springs Park - Chickasha) Thru Sat, Dec 31st The Chickasha Festival of Light has been recognized as one of the top ten holiday light shows in the…
  • Edmond Historic Tours (Downtown - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 31st Join experts with the Edmond Historic Preservation Trust and learn something new with a walking tour of historic…
  • Midwest City Holiday Lights Spectacular (Joe Barnes Regional Park - Midwest City) Thru Fri, Dec 30th Celebrate the magic of the season as over one million lights transform Joe B. Barnes Regional Park into a twinkling…
  • Holiday Pop-Up Shops Thru Thu, Dec 22nd Venture over to Midtown in Oklahoma City during the winter holidays, and gaze in wonder at the geodesic dome city…
  • in December (Downtown) Thru Mon, Jan 2nd Spend your holidays experiencing fun activities as downtown Oklahoma City is turned into a winter wonderland during the…
  • Jane Austen's Christmas Cracker! (Civic Center Music Hall) Thru Sat, Dec 17th ABSOLUTELY NO LATE SEATING.
  • The Mystery Lights (Journey Church - Norman) Thru Fri, Dec 30th Visit Journey Church in Norman to see a stunning Christmas Light Display. During the month of December, the church is…
  • Kingfisher Nights (Kingifhser City Park - Kingfisher) Thru Fri, Dec 30th Millions of lights are setting historic Kingfisher Park ablaze in the city of Kingfisher. Every evening from the…
  • North Pole Adventure (Plaza Mayor At The Crossroads) Thru Sat, Dec 24th Experience the thrill of North Pole right in the heart of Oklahoma City. North Pole Adventure is a one-of-a-kind…
  • Edmond Outdoor Ice Rink (Mitch Park - Edmond) Thru Sun, Jan 8th Enjoy holiday ice skating in Mitch Park at the Edmond Outdoor Ice Rink. Glide around the 117ft. x 56ft.…
  • PAMBE Ghana Global Market Thru Sat, Dec 24th PAMBE Ghana's Global Market features some of the most unusual, standout gifts in the Oklahoma City metro. This…
  • 🎨 Power & Prestige Children's Gallery (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum) Thru Sun, May 14th Held in conjunction with the Power & Prestige: Headdresses of the American Plains exhibition, the Power &…
  • Red Earth Treefest (Red Earth Art Center) Thru Fri, Jan 13th Celebrate the Christmas season at Oklahoma City's Red Earth Art Center during the fun and festive Red Earth…
  • 🎭 A Territorial Christmas Carol (Pollard Theatre - Guthrie) Thru Fri, Dec 23rd Get in the holiday spirit at the historic Pollard Theatre in Guthrie with "A Territorial Christmas…
  • A Tuna Christmas (Civic Center Music Hall) Thru Sun, Dec 18th The Canterbury Choral Society's annual Christmas show is a beloved and anticipated holiday tradition in Oklahoma…
  • Victorian Walk (Historic Guthrie - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Dec 31st Go back in time with a close-up view of Guthrie's historic architecture on the Victorian Homes Tour. The…

Wednesday, Dec 7th

  • 🎓 2nd Grade Class Visit (Noble Public Library - Noble) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 1:00pm Librarian visits to the 2nd grade classes at Hubbard. The librarian spends an hour reading books and making crafts based on a monthly theme. The following classes are visited: Grayson, Nash, Vaughn, Whitehead, Jonas, Tarp, Fuchs, Webster, Williams
  • 🎨 Acrylic Paintings by Rebecca Mannschreck (50 Penn Art Gallery) Day 1 of 2 Acrylic Paintings by Rebecca Mannschreck, through December 31st. 50 Penn Place Art Gallery, 1900 NW Expressway. There will be an opening reception at 6 p.m. Friday (November 11th) 848-5567
  • 🎓 Adam Davies snd Ed Brown discuss cryptids (Anomalist Books and Brews - Lexington) Start Time: 5:00pm Tickets for sale on eventbrite
  • Annual Fall Show (The Studio Gallery) Day 1 of 2 Annual Fall Show, Nov 17-April 30, The Studio Gallery, 2646 W Britton. There will be an opening reception at 5 p.m. Nov. 17, 752-2642
  • 🍴 Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club) Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • 🎓 Author Visit: Mark Greaney (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Mark Greaney has a degree in international relations and political science. He is the author of Commander in Chief, Full Force and Effect, and Support and Defend. With Tom Clancy he coauthored Locked On, Threat Vector, and Command Authority. He has written five books in his own Gray Man series: The Gray Man, On Target, Ballistic, Dead Eye, and…
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park) Thru Sat, Dec 10th The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to Oklahoma State Fair Park. Put on by the Barrel Futurities…
  • Berwanger (89th Street Collective) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • 🎓 BUMP: Building Understanding of Maternity & Pregnancy (Samis Center at OU Children's Hospital) Start Time: 5:30pm
  • Norman Central -Ho-Ho-Holiday Movie Trivia (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Did your family fly to Paris and leave you home alone? Then come to our trivia night featuring questions about your favorite holiday movies and tv specials! All that time spent watching the 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story will pay off. Participants can choose to play individually or on teams of up to 5 people. There will be prizes for the…
  • Child Labor in Oklahoma: Photographs by Lewis Hine, 1916–1917 (Oklahoma History Center) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am Child Labor in Oklahoma: Photographs by Lewis Hine, 1916–1917 is a snapshot of images by Lewis Hine whose photography captured the soul of the child laborer in north America in the early 1900s. Although Hine focused on major cities, he did take brief trips to other parts of the country to document child labor, including Oklahoma. Hine…
  • 😂 Comedy to the rescue (Loony Bin Comedy Club)
  • "Cowboy Crossing 2016" featuring Cowboy Artists of America (CAA) 51st Annual Sale & Exhibition and the Traditional Cowboy Arts A (Western Heritage Museum) Day 1 of 2 Opening Weekend October 13 - 15, 2016
    Featuring the Cowboy Artists of America (CAA) 51st Annual Sale & Exhibition and the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association (TCAA) 18th Annual Exhibition & Sale.
    In one of the most significant happenings to hit the world of fine art, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum hosts opening weekend…
  • Del City Kiwanis Club (Rose State College - Midwest City)
  • Eamonn McCrystal / Chloe Agnew (OCCC Visual and Performing Arts Center) Emmy Award Winning Irish Tenor, Eamonn McCrystal & your favorite Celtic woman Chloë Agnew, join forces for an exclusive North American tour celebrating Irish culture, great music and Christmas. Don’t miss their one-night only performance in OKC. Enter Promo Code IRELAND for 15% off tickets.
  • 🎨 Exhibtion: Lowell Ellsworth Smith: My Theology of Painting (Western Heritage Museum) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am **Lowell Ellsworth Smith: My Theology of Painting **
    Ohio watercolorist and Prix de West winner, Lowell Ellsworth Smith (1924-2011), once referenced his *theology of painting *during an interview. Short but meaningful, the phrase summarized his relationship with art. It was more than a hobby or pastime. More than a career. It was the lens…
  • Family Play Time/ La hora de jugar en familia (Noble Public Library - Noble) Start Time: 10:30am Join us for a bilingual family play program for babies and children under 5 years of age. ¡Aprendan y jueguen todos juntos! Para bebés y niños hasta 5 años de edad con las personas que los cuidan.
  • Hard Candy Christmas - Sunny Sweeney, Brennen Leigh, Courtney Patton, Jamie Lin Wilson (The Blue Door) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Holiday Carousel (Myriad Botanical Gardens) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 11:00am
  • 🎭 Intro to Belly Dancing (Moore Public Library - Moore) Start Time: 6:00pm Pamela Doty of the Beledi Magic Dance Company will lead a beginner's course in belly dancing! Come and have a great time learning this ancient and beautiful art. Registration required. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. All participants will need to sign the group waiver before the class begins.
  • It's a Wonderful Life (Oklahoma City University) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00am Back by popular demand, this beloved American holiday film classic comes to captivating life as a live 1940s radio broadcast. With the help of an ensemble that brings a few dozen characters to the stage, the story of idealistic George Bailey unfolds as he considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve. This uplifting and endearing classic…
  • Lapsit Story Time (Moore Public Library - Moore) Start Time: 10:00am Each week, caregivers and their children sit together to enjoy developmentally appropriate stories, songs, fingerplays and bubbles. For babies 24 months and younger accompanied by an adult. For more information, call the Moore Public Library at 405-793-4347. For updates on special events and more, be sure to check the Website, like us on…
  • NORTH POLE ADVENTURE - 2016 Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 5:30pm
  • Oklahoma Sooners Mens Basketball (The Lloyd Noble Center - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Picturing Indian Territory, 1819-1907 Rec (Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art - Norman) Art Exhibition Exploring Oklahoma History Opens Oct. 6 at OU
    NORMAN, Okla. – Oklahoma history comes to life through paintings, lithographs, drawings and other media in a new exhibition at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus. Picturing Indian Territory, 1819-1907 opens with a public, complimentary…
  • Reading Wednesdays (St. Paul's Cathedral) Start Time: 6:00pm Wednesday Night Live
    For Pre-School through Adults
    Begins September 7 from 5:50-8:14 p.m.
    Family Time (meal) from 5:50-6:30 p.m.
    Bible Study in small groups
    Family Worship
    Register online at www.stpaulsokc.com under the Youth tab or bring during office hours
    FREE events for everyone.
    Those who register receive a…
  • Secret Santa Toy Drive (Mattress Firm) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am All Mattress Firm stores in Oklahoma City are hosting a toy drive, the sixth of Mattress Firm Foster Kids’ 2016 donation drives benefitting local foster youth and families. Through Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016 during normal store hours, Mattress Firm will accept new toys and monetary contributions to spread holiday cheer for foster children and…
  • 😂 Trixx (Loony Bin Comedy Club) Thru Sat, Dec 10th
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Mount St Mary Catholic High School) Start Time: 7:00pm Mount St Mary Catholic High School Music Department Presents Walking in a Winter Wonderland a Christmas Concert

Thursday, Dec 8th

  • 🎓 2nd Grade Class Visit (Noble Public Library - Noble) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 1:00pm Librarian visits to the 2nd grade classes at Hubbard. The librarian spends an hour reading books and making crafts based on a monthly theme. The following classes are visited: Grayson, Nash, Vaughn, Whitehead, Jonas, Tarp, Fuchs, Webster, Williams
  • 6X6 on 16th Group Art Show (District House) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm We're excited to announce our 6x6 on 16th Group Art Show! During December's LIVE on the Plaza and the Thursday night before, work by artists of all skillsets done on 6in x 6in canvas will be available fpr viewing and for sale at District House.
    Wanting to submit artwork for the show? Here's what you need to know -
    • All artwork submitted to…
  • 🎨 Acrylic Paintings by Rebecca Mannschreck (50 Penn Art Gallery) Day 2 of 2 Acrylic Paintings by Rebecca Mannschreck, through December 31st. 50 Penn Place Art Gallery, 1900 NW Expressway. There will be an opening reception at 6 p.m. Friday (November 11th) 848-5567
  • Annual Fall Show (The Studio Gallery) Day 2 of 2 Annual Fall Show, Nov 17-April 30, The Studio Gallery, 2646 W Britton. There will be an opening reception at 5 p.m. Nov. 17, 752-2642
  • ASK (After School Kids) Prek-2nd Painting (Blanchard Library - Blanchard) Start Time: 3:45pm ASK (After School Kids) for grades Pre-K through 2nd. A book will be read to the children. December is a hands-on creative painting activity which the children will get to take home. Registration Required. All Supplies will be provided.
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park) Thru Sat, Dec 10th The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to Oklahoma State Fair Park. Put on by the Barrel Futurities…
  • Capsize (89th Street Collective) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Norman Central -Thursday Night Page Turners book discussion group (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Come talk books with the Thursday Night Page Turners book discussion group! All are welcome. Meets the second Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. Copies of the book are available at the Information Services Desk in the center of the library.
  • 🍴 Yukon Chamber of Commerce Membership Luncheon (YPS Admin. Bldg - Yukon) Start Time: 11:30am
  • Child Labor in Oklahoma: Photographs by Lewis Hine, 1916–1917 (Oklahoma History Center) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am Child Labor in Oklahoma: Photographs by Lewis Hine, 1916–1917 is a snapshot of images by Lewis Hine whose photography captured the soul of the child laborer in north America in the early 1900s. Although Hine focused on major cities, he did take brief trips to other parts of the country to document child labor, including Oklahoma. Hine…
  • Cover to Cover (Noble Public Library - Noble) Start Time: 1:00pm Join us for thoughtful discussions and great food with a good book. This month: Sweet Forgiveness by Lori Nelson Spielman.
  • "Cowboy Crossing 2016" featuring Cowboy Artists of America (CAA) 51st Annual Sale & Exhibition and the Traditional Cowboy Arts A (Western Heritage Museum) Day 2 of 2 Opening Weekend October 13 - 15, 2016
    Featuring the Cowboy Artists of America (CAA) 51st Annual Sale & Exhibition and the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association (TCAA) 18th Annual Exhibition & Sale.
    In one of the most significant happenings to hit the world of fine art, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum hosts opening weekend…
  • 🎭 Dean Martin's Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas (The Yellow Rose Dinner Theatre - Moore) Start Time: 6:30pm THE YELLOW ROSE DINNER THEATRE PRESENTS
  • 🎨 Drink and Draw (Brass Bell Studios) Start Time: 8:00pm Drink & Draw is hosted every Thursday at either Brass Bell Studios, The Okay See, or Tree & Leaf from 8-11pm.
    Here is the weekly schedule:
    1st Thursday: The Okay See
    2nd Thursday: Brass Bell Studios
    3rd - 4th - 5th Thursdays: Tree & Leaf
    Drink & Draw is open to anyone that wants to attend. While consuming alcohol is welcome, it…
  • 🎓 English as a Second Language Class (Purcell Public Library - Purcell) Start Time: 11:00am English as a Second Language class. All materials are provided.
  • Evin Brady (Wormy Dog Saloon)
  • 🎨 Exhibtion: Lowell Ellsworth Smith: My Theology of Painting (Western Heritage Museum) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am **Lowell Ellsworth Smith: My Theology of Painting **
    Ohio watercolorist and Prix de West winner, Lowell Ellsworth Smith (1924-2011), once referenced his *theology of painting *during an interview. Short but meaningful, the phrase summarized his relationship with art. It was more than a hobby or pastime. More than a career. It was the lens…
  • Family Night Skate (Skate Galaxy) Start Time: 6:00pm FAMILY NIGHT SKATE Thursdays 6pm-9pm & Sundays 6pm-8pm Admission is only $6 (includes skate rental) per person! Family Night $29 Package Special! Includes: Admission, Skate Rental, Pizza & Drinks For up to 5 Family members!
  • Final Drive (St Louis), Volition, Dred-Dour Start Time: 9:30pm
  • 🎭 Finding Santa (Chickasha Community Theatre - Chickasha) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • 🎭 Hands on Hardbody (Elsie C. Brackett Theatre - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm HANDS ON A HARDBODY
    NORMAN—This December University Theatre will present the musical Hands on a Hardbody. The musical is infused with a country and rock-inflected score, telling the story of a hilarious, hard-fought contest for 10 down-on-their luck Texans, where only one winner can drive away with the American dream. Hands on a…
  • 🎓 Headliner Lecture: "Human Flourishing and the Urban Possibilities for our Grandchildren" (Oklahoma Memorial Union, Meecham Auditorium - Norman) Start Time: 6:30pm Human Flourishing and the Urban Possibilities for our Grandchildren December 8, 6:30 - 7:30 PM Meacham Auditorium, Oklahoma Memorial Union The University of Oklahoma 900 Asp Ave., Norman, OK 73019
    Register at http://www.ou.edu/flourish
    There is perhaps no more universal desire than to see our children and our children’s children flourish.…
  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 17th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • Holiday Carousel (Myriad Botanical Gardens) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 11:00am
  • Holiday Happening 2016 (Sam Noble Museum - Norman) Start Time: 4:00pm Bring the family and come be merry at our FREE 2016 Holiday Happening event at the Sam Noble Museum! We'll have an elf scavenger hunt for kids, photos with Santa Claus, holiday music, storybook time with Pioneer Library System, dancing and discounts at Excavations, the museum store, so you can cross some names off your holiday shopping lists!
  • 🎭 Home for the Holidays (Oklahoma City University) Start Time: 8:00pm “Home for the Holidays is a fast-moving, beautiful and entertaining show with something for everyone,” Rowan said. Home for the Holidays is recommended for ages 6 and up. Show times are 8 p.m. Dec. 8 and 9, 2 and 8 p.m. Dec. 10 and 2 p.m. Dec. 11. Tickets are $29 each and can be purchased by calling 405-208-5227
  • It's a Wonderful Life (Oklahoma City University) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00am Back by popular demand, this beloved American holiday film classic comes to captivating life as a live 1940s radio broadcast. With the help of an ensemble that brings a few dozen characters to the stage, the story of idealistic George Bailey unfolds as he considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve. This uplifting and endearing classic…
  • Jake's Jingle Jam (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Head to Riverwind Casino in Norman for Jake's Jingle Jam. Featuring The Band Perry and Luke Combs, guests are in for…
  • John Moreland (The Blue Door) Day 1 of 2
  • Making Peace Series Pt 3: Being a Peacemaker in the 21st Century (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 6:30pm Join us for the third and final presentation in our three-part Making Peace Series. For many people, the swirl of events reflected in daily news reports—local, national, and international—fuel a sense of despair. The enormity of problems evident in the ongoing, horrific conflict in Syria or severe tensions along racial or religious lines…
  • 🍴 Moderns Annual Holiday Party (Oklahoma City Museum of Art) Start Time: 6:00pm Let’s kick off the holiday season by joining together for an evening of glassblowing and celebration! Enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind glass ornament. *This is a Moderns exclusive event. Members are allowed to bring one guest each. Not a Moderns Member? Contact [email protected].
  • The Museum Store (Western Heritage Museum) Start Time: 10:00am Thursday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Join The Museum Store in Midtown Oklahoma City for a fun and festive shopping experience! From stocking stuffers to showstoppers, The Museum Store is here to help with your gift-giving needs. Admission is not required to shop. For more information, contact The Museum…
  • A Nice Family Christmas (Carpenter Square Theatre) Start Time: 7:30pm Carpenter Square Theatre celebrates the holidays during its 33rd Season with the Oklahoma City premiere of “A Nice Family Christmas,” a comedy by Phil Olson. All performances November 25-December 17, 2016 are at the theater, located at 800 W. Main in downtown Oklahoma City. Specific performance dates and times are: 8 p.m.…
  • NORTH POLE ADVENTURE - 2016 Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 5:30pm
  • One Incredible Moment (First Presbyterian Church - Edmond) Start Time: 7:30pm Calendar Notice. First Presbyterian Church of Edmond presents “One Incredible Moment,” a musical drama for the entire family of the Savior’s birth, life, death and resurrection. It is scheduled 7:30 p.m. Thursday-Sunday Dec. 8-11. There is no cost. Childcare is provided for the slightly over one-hour presentation. Under the direction of…
  • Pre-K Play (Moore Public Library - Moore) Start Time: 10:00am Preschoolers and their caregivers are invited to create and play in this hour-long come and go event.
  • Secret Santa Toy Drive (Mattress Firm) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 10:00am All Mattress Firm stores in Oklahoma City are hosting a toy drive, the sixth of Mattress Firm Foster Kids’ 2016 donation drives benefitting local foster youth and families. Through Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016 during normal store hours, Mattress Firm will accept new toys and monetary contributions to spread holiday cheer for foster children and…
  • SNU: JV Men's Basketball vs Mid-America Christian (Bethany Library - Bethany) Start Time: 6:00pm JV Men's Basketball vs Mid-America Christian http://snuathletics.com/calendar.aspx?id=3034
  • Tai Chi For Better Balance (Noble Public Library - Noble) Start Time: 4:00pm The movements of Tai Chi help all ages reduce stress, increase balance and flexibility. Participants learn relaxation to improve their overall mind, body and spirit through a series of slow continuous movements. This program is designed for people at all levels of mobility and can be performed standing or sitting. Please wear comfortable…
  • Teen DIY Christmas gifts! (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 5:00pm Hey Teens! Stuck on what to give for christmas this year? Come to the DIY Christmas event. Where you'll get the chance to make one or many of the options to give to your family members. Some of the gifts avaible are Costume Decorated mugs or vases, scented schets, jersey knit braclets, and an arrow bookmark.
  • 🎓 Teens! Hour of Code (Moore Public Library - Moore) Start Time: 3:30pm Teens! Get creative and learn the basics with coding in this annual and nationwide program, Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a global movement by Computer Science Education Week and Code.org reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries through a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming. No prior computer…
  • 😂 Trixx (Loony Bin Comedy Club) Thru Sat, Dec 10th
  • Wind Symphony: Rhapsodies and Blues (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 7:30pm http://edmondok.com/calendar.aspx?EID=6941
  • 🏃 Zumba (Moore Public Library - Moore) Start Time: 6:00pm Latin and International music creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system! Participants must sign a waiver each class, and anyone under 18 must have parent/guardian consent and signature. This program is made possible through the Health Literacy Grant by Oklahoma Department of Libraries, Oklahoma Literacy Resource Office, and…

Friday, Dec 9th

  • 6X6 on 16th Group Art Show (District House) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm We're excited to announce our 6x6 on 16th Group Art Show! During December's LIVE on the Plaza and the Thursday night before, work by artists of all skillsets done on 6in x 6in canvas will be available fpr viewing and for sale at District House.
    Wanting to submit artwork for the show? Here's what you need to know -
    • All artwork submitted to…
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park) 1 day left The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to Oklahoma State Fair Park. Put on by the Barrel Futurities…
  • Brian Setzer Orchestra (Firelake Arena - Shawnee)
  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 17th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • I See Stars (89th Street Collective) Head to 89th Street Collective in Oklahoma City for a thrilling night filled with upbeat electronic hardcore tunes.…
  • John Moreland (The Blue Door) Day 2 of 2
  • Pretty Boy Floyd et al. (Oklahoma City Limits)
  • Roy Clark (The State Theatre - Harrah)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets (Chesapeake Energy Arena) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 😂 Trixx (Loony Bin Comedy Club) 1 day left

Saturday, Dec 10th

  • All-College Basketball Classic (Chesapeake Energy Arena) Start Time: 3:00pm The 2016 All-College Basketball Classic will be played on Saturday, December 10th at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. The contest will feature the Wichita State Shockers against the Oklahoma Sooners with tipoff slated for 3:00 PM.
    Children two and older must have a ticket.
  • America On Tap (Cox Convention Center) Start Time: 5:00pm Oklahoma City on Tap is coming to the Cox Convention Center on Saturday, December 10th from 5pm to 8pm. Sample over 100 releases from some of Americas best craft breweries. Plus hang out in an atmosphere filled with live music, delicious food available for purchase, and great vendors. Participants must be at least 21 years of age to attend.
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park) Last Day The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to Oklahoma State Fair Park. Put on by the Barrel Futurities…
  • Blue October (Diamond Ballroom)
  • Oklahoma City Blue vs. Westchester Knicks (Cox Convention Center) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • The Drunkard and Olio
  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 17th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • Lil Durk (ACM @ UCO)
  • OKC Dodgers Snow Tubing Winter Festival (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark) Day 1 of 2 Wavier must be filled out and signed by adult, parent, or guardian for each guest who wishes to snow tube. Follow link to download form, and present at will call.
  • 😂 Trixx (Loony Bin Comedy Club) Last Day

Sunday, Dec 11th

  • Danielle Nicole (Friends Bar)
  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 17th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • OKC Dodgers Snow Tubing Winter Festival (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark) Day 2 of 2 Wavier must be filled out and signed by adult, parent, or guardian for each guest who wishes to snow tube. Follow link to download form, and present at will call.
  • Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Boston Celtics (Chesapeake Energy Arena) Start Time: 6:00pm

Monday, Dec 12th

  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 17th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • Milk Moms (Thrive Mama Collective) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Pint Night at The Mule (Plaza District) Start Time: 5:00pm Come try a new brew and keep the glass while you're at it!
  • Public Access: Open Mic Mondays (District House) Start Time: 8:00pm Got talents? Come rock the mic.
    Hosted by Matt Raney

Tuesday, Dec 13th

  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 17th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
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2016.01.28 02:11 jeffcoaster Anagrams of Survivor Castaways' Names! (Seasons 1-32) [[Pretty FUNNY!!]]

So, I saw someone else posted a list of Survivor anagrams for S32. I also have compiled a list of anagrams of Survivor castaways’ names from seasons 1 to 32 over time. So I thought I’d share them!
I put Cambodia first, then Kaoh Rong, and then seasons 1-30 in order. To find a player you have in mind, look them up on their original season. I put in italics anagrams that are funny or interesting or creepyWinners are in bold. And I only put anagrams on the list that actually make coherent sense. **HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!
Feel free to leave comments about your favorites! They’d be appreciated as some of these are pretty darn funny.
Abi-Maria Gomes = Bro... I am sage. I am!/ I am some airbag/ I raise ammo bag
Andrew Savage = Agendas wave Award gas even/ A sad new grave/ A war’s avenged/ Wave as danger
Ciera Eastin = A nice satire/ I eat arsenic
Jeremy Collins = Smell nicer joy
Joe Anglim = Go jam line/ Go jail men/ Jail gnome
Kass McQuillen = Quick man sells/ Quells in smack/
Keith Nale = Then I leak/ Liken heat
Kelley Wentworth = We knew they troll/ Well, they network
Kelly Wiglesworth = Get why skill lowe Yell, work with legs/ Wore skylight well
Kimmi Kappenberg = Be pimp kingmaker
Monica Padilla = I do a plain clam
Spencer Bledsoe = No blessed creep/ Peer be coldness/ Son creep bleeds
Tasha Fox = Fast hoax
~Kaoh Rong~
Alecia Holden = Hoed alliance/ I cleaned halo
Aubry Bracco = Crab, you crab/ Occur by a ba Cab by our car
Cydney Gillon = End cloyingly/ Lending coyly
Darnell Hamilton = I manhandle troll/ Harm all indolent/ I enthrall old man
Caleb Reynolds = A scorned belly/ Censored by all/ Sacredly noble/ Clearly on beds/ Lonely bed sca Obscenely lard/ Lordly absence/ Bend so clearly/ Beyond recalls/ Blend coarsely/ Closed blarney/ Elderly can sob
Debbie Warner = Be wide, barren/ Dare new bribe/ Renewed Rabbi/ Wine be barred/ Need barbwire/ New bare bride/New red Barbie/ Beer be inward/ Be wind-beare Beware binde I be redrawn
Joe del Campo = Deep cool jam
Kyle ‘Sarg’ Jason = Slangy as Joke Joke, gnarly ass/ Any jerk’s goals/ Glares sank joy
Michele Fitzgerald = I fetch me lizard leg
Neal Gottlieb = Go, little bean!/ Angel to be lit/ Let binge a lot/ Be in tollgate/ Gotten liable/ Not legible at/ Oblige talent/ Leg in a bottle/ Blot a Gentile
Nick Maiorano = I rock on mania/ Crook in mania/ A minion croak
Peter Baggenstos = Egg a tense Probst/ Be poet gangsters/ Beg top greatness/ Stop tense beggar
Scot Pollard = Doll’s capto Craps do toll/ Do call sport/ Scar top doll/ Clasp to Lord/ Adopt scroll/ To drop calls/ Scold patrol
Tai Trang = Giant rat/ A ratting/ Rang at it/ Tag train
B.B. Andersen = Ban benders/ Bed banners
Dirk Been = Be kinde Kind bee Keen bird/ Kneed rib
Gervase Peterson = Gas over pretense/ Go save represent/ Repeat governess
Greg Buis = Big urges/ Big surge/ Us bigge I rub eggs/ Is bugger
Gretchen Cordy = Dry crotch gene
Joel Klug = Gull joke
Ramona Gray = Angry aroma
Rudy Boesch = Crushed boy/ Decoy shrub/ Rode by such
Stacey Stillman = All my testis can/ Am silently cast/ My little ass can/ Calls it amnesty/ Class mentality/ Mainly tactless/ I’ll act my sanest/ Less cattily, man/ Saintly calmest/ Casts all enmity/ Clients may last/ All my scantiest/ It’s all my ascent/ Smell a sanctity/ Smelly at antics/ Tally semantics
~The Australian Outback~
Amber Mariano = Am near Rob, I am!/ Am a main bore Rare mob mania
Colby Donaldson = So, con blond lady/ Scan doll on body/ Nobody’d call, son/ Call odds by noon
Debb Eaton = Babe noted/ Note, be bad/ Be a debt on/ Beat on bed/ Toned babe/ Nabbed toe/ One bad bet/ Bent abode/ Need abbot
Keith Famie = I make thief
Kel Gleason = Leaks on leg/ Sleek along/ Ogles ankle
Maralyn Hershey = Yearn me harshly/ Hears early hymn/ Sly hyena-harmer
Mitchell Olson = Melons to chill
Rodger Bingham = Go bring me hard/ Grind Amber, hog/ Go bring her mad/ Raging mob herd/ Had bigger morn
Tina Wesson = Notes as win/ Was tension/ Now asset in/ Wins on a set/ Saw tension/ We no saints
Carl Bilancione = A clinical bone All can be ironic/ Can care billion/ Cancer a billion
Clarence Black = Nice local brain/ Cannibal-recoil/ Rebel can clack/ Back canceller
Diane Ogden = Die and gone/ Do need gain/ Gain no deed/ None did age
Frank Garrison = Grins for a rank
Kelly Goldsmith = Kills them godly
Kim Powers = I skew prom
Linda Spencer = Ends crap line/ Creeps inland/ Darn lip scene/ Dinner places/ Perils can end/ Placed sinne Sniped lance Slender panic/ Rancid spleen/ Naps, recline
Lindsey Richter = I’d cry in shelte Is richly tende Recline dry shit/ Rich die sternly/ Sincerely third/ Resident richly/ Hit dry silencer
Silas Gaither = Arise as light/ Hairiest slag/ I slather gas/ Sigh, a realist/ Right aliases
Teresa Cooper = As creeper too/ Operates core/ See, react poo Operate score/ Cease troope Peace, rooster
Tom Buchanan = Moan at bunch/ Can hunt a mob/ On a bum chant/ A thumb canon
Gabriel Cade = I care, be glad/ Grace bailed/ Race big deal/ Acrid beagle/ Be caged, lia Rig a debacle/ Acid be large
Gina Crews = A screwing/ Nicer swag/ Wins grace/ Gains crew/ Saw cringe/ Care-wings/ Swing-race/ We scaring
Hunter Ellis = He tells ruin/ Slur the line/ Line hustle Thrill ensue
Paschal English = A clashing helps/ Hassling chapel
Patricia Jackson = I join a crap stack/ Jackpot is in a car
Peter Harkey = The key rape Take her prey
Rob Mariano = A brain room
Robert DeCanio = Aerobic rodent/ Bad rioter once/ Erection-board/ Do beat on crie Nice, dear robot/ Bored creation/ I beat no record/ Be action orde Be carried onto/ Be on a credito I’d beat corone End taboo crie I cornered boat
Sean Rector = Arrest once/ Can restore/ Near escort/ Corner seat/ Neat score Snore, react/ No caterers/ Sneer acto So recreant/ Tear censor
Tammy Leitner = I try me mental/ Try it, male men/ Manly termite/ Men may litte Trim me neatly/ Met my latrine/ Entitle my arm/ Mire my talent
Vecepia Towery = I overact weepy/ I vote creep way/Receive way top/ Way to perceive
Brian Heidik = A bikini herd/ I hiked in bra
Erin Collins = Rolls in nice
Ghandia Johnson = Shanghai donjon
Helen Glover = Hell on verge/ Never go hell
Ken Stafford = Drank off-set/ Sent off dark/ Faked fronts/ Offend stark/ Desk affront
Penny Ramsey = Any men’s prey/ Enemy spy ran
Shii-Ann Huang = I Shanghai nun
Stephanie Dill = Depth in allies/ Held penis tail/ Denials help it/ Split headline/ I held panelist
Ted Rogers = Get orders/ Greed-sort/ Do regrets/ Rest gored
Jenna Morasca = Jeans can roam
Sandra Diaz-Twine = A wizard sat in end/ Radiant win dazes/ I add an ersatz win/ Raw and sanitized
Amber Mariano = Am near Rob, I am!/ Am a main bore Rare mob mania
~The Amazon~
Butch Lockley = The cocky bull/ Chuckle by lot/ To check bully/ Clothe by luck/ They lock club
Christy Smith = My shirts itch
Daniel Lue = Alien duel
Heidi Strobel = Hostile bride/ I be the Lord’s/ Bite her idols/ Set her libido/ I do hit rebels
Jenna Morasca = Jeans can roam
Matthew von Ertfelda = Love fattened warmth/ Theft marveled a town
Rob Cesternino = Erection’s born/ Corniest bone Escort boner in/ Be tonic snore No rotten scribe/ No snob recite No bitter sensor
Roger Sexton = Ogre-torn sex
Shawna Mitchell = Wins calm health
~Pearl Islands~
Burton Roberts = Turns to robber
Christa Hastie = It’s a chest hai As I hit the cars/ I chase a thirst/ As a richest hit/ Atheistic rash
Lillian Morris = Roll in similar
Michelle Tesauro = Me, celestial hour
Nicole Delma = Local men die/ Led on malice/ Me, a nice doll/ Me all in code/ Model can lie
Osten Taylor = Nasty loote Loose tyrant/ Entry as tool/ Start looney/ Not real toys/ To stay lone Only at store/ Only to stare
Rupert Boneham = Rape her bum ton/ Be humor-parent/ Mean up, brothe Be prom haunte Entrap bum hero/ Run, be metapho Another bumpe Mope heartburn/ Put home barren
Ryan Opray = Pony-array
Ryan Shoulders = Run dry, Asshole/ Hero runs, sadly/ Sorry, handle us/ Also ends hurry/ Darn surly hoes/ Hardens sourly/ Has old nursery/ Runs shy ordeal/ So hardly nurse
Sandra Diaz-Twine = A wizard sat in end/ Radiant win dazes/ I add an ersatz win/ Raw and sanitized
Shawn Cohen = No cash when…
Tijuana Bradley = Radiant bluejay/ A bad late injury/ A bat lay injured / A ready jubilant/ Darn jail beauty
Brady Finta = Ban if tardy/ Dainty barf/ Fry a bandit
Brook Geraghty = Try, hook beggar
Chris Daugherty = Richest hard guy/ Reach gushy dirt / I’d crush thy rage/ I’d hush great cry/ His daughter cry
Dolly Neely = Yelled only
Eliza Orlins = Nil is all zero
John Palyok = Honk jalopy
Lea ‘Sarge’ Masters = Alert, ass emerges/ Merge’s real asset/ Esteem larger ass/ Releases germs at/ Ageless streame Messages’ alerter
Lisa Keiffer = Is life-freak/ Fake life, si Like if safe Rifle is fake
Mia Galeotalanza = Agonize at a llama/ I gaze on, at a llama
Rory Freeman = No marry free/ Yearn reform/ Nay, reforme Me, far ornery
Scout Cloud Lee = Clues clued too/ Use collect duo
Travis Sampson = Sportsman visa
Twila Tanner = Want latrine
Angie Jackusz = Jack gun a size
Caryn Groedel = End clear orgy/ Cry, aged lone Done large cry / Go end real cry/ Go dry-cleane Carry on ledge
Ian Rosenberger = Enrage boner, si Nearer sobering/ Groins be neare Be senior ranger
James Miller = Smellier jam
Janu Tornell = Unlearn jolt
Jonathan Libby = Job by inhalant
Katie Gallagher = Hate, kill garage/ A talkier haggle
Stephenie LaGrossa = Repeating Assholes/ Airplane sees ghost
Tom Westman = Want me most/ ‘Twas moment
Wanda Shirk = Ask hard win/ Drank a wish/ I swank hard/ Has kind wa Wash a drink/ Wash in dark
Willard Smith = Thrill was dim/ Will mist hard
Amy O’Hara = Hay-aroma
Brandon Bellinger = Ennobled barn girl
Brianna Varela = Arable nirvana
Brooke Struck = Book truckers
Cindy Hall = Candy Hill
Danni Boatwright = Win a grand hot bit/ A throwing bandit/ Bad with ignorant/ Boarding that win/ I do ban thwarting/ No tightwad brain
Gary Hogeboom = Go abhor my ego/ Go harem boy, go
Jamie Newton = A new joint me/ We meant join/ Join new meat
Judd Sergeant = Adjust gende Just deranged/ Just need drag/ End, just raged/ Grand jest due/ Judges ranted/ Just darn edge
Lydia Morales = Aside morally/ I delay morals/ I solely drama/ My idol as real/ A smelly radio/ Dies amorally/ Yes armadillo/ Admires loyal/ Dear loyalism/ Dreamily also/ Ideally roams
Rafe Judkins = Aid fun jerks/ Junkier fads
~Panama – Exile Island~
Austin Carty = At a scrutiny/ Cut sanitary
Bobby Mason = Ban my boobs
Bruce Kanegai = Breaking a cue
Cirie Fields = I sliced fire
Dan Barry = Barnyard
Danielle DiLorenzo = I’ll dread ozone line/ One idle, lone lizard/ Deodorize all linen
Melinda Hyder = Men hardly die/ I end her madly/ Mend her daily/ Derailed hymn/ Maidenly herd
Nick Stanbury = Bank scrutiny
Shane Powers = Answers hope/ He opens wars/ He was person/ Pass new hero/ Has new poser
Tina Scheer = In here, cats!/ The arsenic/ Nice hearts/ Then I scare/ Cheater’s in/ Antics here/ I enter cash/ She certain/ Hear insect/ I reach nest
~Cook Islands~
Adam Gentry = Tragedy-man/ Mated angry/ Gay men dart/ At my dange Day garment/ Grated many
Billy Garcia = A big lyrical
Brad Virata = Avid bar rat/ Bird avatar
Candice Cody = A coded cynic
Cecilia Mansilla = I can calm allies/ I call maniac’s lie/ I call malice a sin/ Clinical malaise/ I claim alliances
Christina Coria = Raincoat is rich
Flicka Smith = Lick him fast!/ Am sick filth/ Film as thick
Parvati Shallow = Slap with a valor
Rebecca Borman = A cancer bombe Cram beer on cab/ Barber can come/ Can race bombe Embrace carbon
Stephanie Favor = Hover a fat penis/ Hate penis favo Rapist of heaven/ Of sharp naïveté/ A festive orphan
Sundra Oakley = Us royal naked/ Sneak Our Lady/ You drank sale/ Aroused lanky
Boo Bernis = Bribe soon/ Rinse boob/ So, no bribe/ I bore snob
Cassandra Franklin = Crank ass far inland
Earl Cole = Cello era
Edgardo Rivera = Drive road rage!/ Do arrive ragged
Erica Durosseau = Our cause is dea I arouse crusade/ I aroused a curse/ Raised our cause/ I caroused a use I use our arcades/ Readies raucous/ See raucous raid
Gary Stritesky = Risky strategy/ I get starry sky
James ‘Rocky’ Reed = Airs comedy jerk/ My jokes carried/ I rock Jersey mad/ Joker’s crime day/ I do jerks a mercy/ I scared my joker
Liliana Gomez = Gaze a million
Lisi Linares = A sillier sin/ Arise in ills/ I sell raisin/ Ill airiness/ Sin, liar lies
Rita Verreos = Rarer Soviet/ I save terro Rioters rave/ Overrate, sir
Stacy Kimball = May blacklist/ Stick by llama
Sylvia Kwan = A wavy slink
Aaron Reisberger = Ignore bare rears/ Agree on barriers/ Error area begins/ See bargain error
Amanda Kimmel = Am like madman/ Manlike madam/ I, naked mammal/ Make a man mild/ Damn, like mama/ Made a milkman
Ashley Massaro = Male’s hoary ass/ Am shy as lose Holy Mass areas/ Shame royal ass/ So slam hearsay/ So slays a harem/ Say, harass mole/ As army asshole/ Slay a mass hero/ Am hoarsely, ass
Chicken Morris = Irks me chronic
Courtney Yates = Yes, coy taunte You sneer catty/ You stay cente You erect, nasty/ You cry neatest/ Eyes at country
Dave Cruser = Cursed rave/ Sued crave User craved/ Curved ears
Denise Martin = I inserted man
Frosti Zernow = First, now zero/ Froze in worst/ Won zero, first/ First row zone/ Front row size/ Tons frowzier
Jaime Dugan = A main judge
James Clement = Jam select men
Leslie Nease = Lease senile/ Less alienee
Sherea Lloyd = Yes Lord, heal/ Hell, so ready/ Her, sole lady/ Holy leaders
Alexis Jones = Join sex sale/ See jinx also/ One’s jail sex
Joel Anderson = No older jeans
Kathy Sleckman = The lanky smack
Mary Sartain = Marry a saint/ Sanitary arm/ Train as army
Mikey Bortone = Be monkey riot/ Bite key moron/ Be key monito Took in my bee I broke my tone/ Obi, key mento Money broke it/ Obey monk rite/ My entire book/ Mine, key robot
Natalie Bolton = I’ll beat on a ton/ No, not liable at/ Lone battalion/ Label notation
Tracy Hughes-Wolf = Grew flashy touch/ Tough, flashy crew/ What grouchy self
Ace Gordon = Do no grace/ Ego-cando Cargo done/ Caged-dono Can do ogre
Bob Crowley = Blew boo cry
Charlie Herschel = Check minor, si Rich smirk once/ Reach chills here
Corinne Kaplan = Rankle on panic
Gillian Larson = Aligns in a roll/ I’ll nag liars on/ Nails a rolling
Kelly Czarnecki = Kneel, lick crazy
Ken Hoang = Khan gone
Marcus Lehman = Launch me arms/ Calmer, humans/ Rush calm amen
Matty Whitmore = Am witty mothe Witty mom-hate Worth it, my mate/ What to my merit
Michelle Chase = Clichés heal me
Randy Bailey = By a yard-line/ I yearn badly/ Nearby daily/ Lay in by dea I learn by day/ Barely in day/ Already in by
Sugar Kipper = I spark purge
Susie Smith = Misuse shit/ Use hit-miss
Ben Coach Wade = Woe, bad chance/ Hence a bad cow/ Chewed a bacon
Erinn Lobdell = I’ll lend bone I’ll end noble Bedroll linen
Joe Dowdle = Jewel Dodo
J.T. Thomas = Jots math
Sandy Burgin = Undying bras/ Bind us angry/ Burning days/ Gun any birds
Sierra Reed = Rare desire/ Rise deare As derriere
Spencer Duhm = Denser chump/ Spender much/ Drench spume
Tyson Apostol = Stops any tool/ Loots any spot/ Slays onto top/ Slop too nasty/ Only stoops at/ Spotty saloon/ Stops at loony
Betsy Bolan = Stolen baby/ Not sly, babe/ Yes, not blab/ No stable by/ Be only stab/ Let’s ban boy/ Sat by noble/ Sob tenably
Brett Clouser = Clutter bores/ Escort butle Bottle curse Butter closer
Erik Cardona = A darker icon/ I adore crank/ Reckon a raid
Kelly Sharbaugh = Hug shaky balle Harsh, ugly, bleak/ All ask her by hug/ All by huge shark
Laura Morett = A true mortal/ Alert, a tumo Am real tuto Late at rumo Rare mulatto/ Rat emulato Turtle aroma
Marisa Calihan = Am a liar, cash in/ Hail in mascara/ Malaria chains/ A main air clash/ I charm a snail
Mike Borassi = Irksome bias/ I am a kiss-bore/ I rob me a kiss
Natalie White = Neat with a lie/ Alienate with/ Await the line
Russell Hantz = Shall run zest
Russell Swan = Ass runs well/ Runs lawless
Shambo Waters = Am the war-boss/ Woe, stab harms/ Bathes so warm/ Bras somewhat/ Hates war mobs/ We harass tomb/ Her wombat ass/A hamster bows
Yasmin Giles = Is slaying me/ Is sly enigma/ Sly in image/ Gain messily/ I lay, messing
Alina Wilson = Lawn liaison
Brenda Lowe = Down a rebel/ Be a new lord/ Blade owne Earned blow/ We bond real/ Bleed on wa Redone bawl/ Been a world/ Enable word/ Drew a noble/ Lowered ban/ New labored/ Wonder-able
Chase Rice = Ace riches/ Rich cease/ Search ice
Dan Lembo = Bad lemon/ Be old man/ Blamed on/ Mad noble/ Lame bond/ Bold name
Jane Bright = Big jar then
Jimmy Tarantino = Majority Tin-Man/ Jam my nitration
Kelly Shinn = Hell skinny
Marty Piombo = A prim tomboy/ Am prim booty/ Boo my armpit/Am it, prom boy/ May trip, boom!
Sash Lenahan = He has annals
Tyrone Davis = Dirty as oven/ Invades Troy/ I drove nasty/ No adversity/ Avoids entry/ Yes, torn diva/ I do envy sta Drove sanity/ I vary, stoned/ Done varsity/ Destroy vain/ Vanity doers/ I not very sad/ I stay vendo Noisy advert/ So divert any/ So invert day/ Navy so tired
Wendy Jo DeSmidt = My joints wedded
Yve Rojas = Joy-save Joy-raves
~ Redemption Island~
Andrea Boehlke = Able naked hero/ Healed on break
Ashley Underwood = Woe, unholy dreads/ Now hours delayed
David Murphy = Hump diva dry
Francesca Hogi = Fears coaching/ Afghani socce A coach’s finge Chains for cage/ Aches of caring/ Forcing a chase/Fingers a coach/ Fiasco change Go if has cance Facing as chore
Grant Mattos = Got start, man/ Strong at mat
Julie Wolf = I foul jewel
Matt Elrod = Old matte Treat mold
Mike Chiesl = Like chimes
Natalie Tenerelli = Tell neat lie in ea Lie alternate line/ Nettle in a real lie
Phillip Sheppard = Helps hard lip-pip
Ralph Kiser = Shark peril/ Sharp liker
Sarita White = We air shit at/ I, I hate warts/ I was a hitte I, I was threat/ With a satire/ It awaits he Hit a war site/ Air the waist/ I hear a twist/ It’s with area / Wait hastie I hate its war
Steve Wright = Swerve tight
Stephanie Valencia = Evil satanic peahen/ I can have penalties/ Is a cheap valentine/Achieve in pleasant/ Leviathan sapience/ Nice spatial heaven
~South Pacific~
Albert Destrade = Deserted lab-rat/ Bastard-delete Stable, retarded/ Led bad retreats/ Latest debarred/ Starred belated/ Let bad arrested
Dawn Meehan = Had new name/ New headman/ A new mad hen
Edna Ma = Anadem/ Maenad/ Mean ad
Elyse Umemoto = Me, you stole me/ You meet moles/ Met, you lose me
Keith Tollefson = Not kill the foes
Mark Caruso = Scour karma/ Sack a rumor
Mikayla Wingle = I malign weakly/ I all weak in gym/ Leak my wailing/ Liking lame way/ Gawkily lame in/ I walk in gamely
Rick Nelson = Censor-link/ Inner locks/ Liken scorn/ Lock sinner
Sophie Clarke = Chase like pro/ Hero pack lies/ A choler spike/ Likes each pro/ Real sick hope
Stacey Powell = Select low pay/ We pat closely/ Coleslaw-type
Whitney Duncan = I hunt new candy/ New handy tunic
~One World~
Alicia Rosa = A social air
Bill Posley = Spoil belly/ Libels ploy/ Lies by poll
Chelsea Meissner = I see her calmness/ Means I cheer less/ See, nice, harmless/ See rich maleness / See, silence harms/ She sense miracle/ Relishes menaces
Christina Cha = Hatch is in ca Archaic hints/ Has rich antic
Colton Cumbie = Boom, nice cult/ Climb out once/ Me not bucolic
Jonas Otsuji = Joins a joust
Kat Edorsson = Rodeos stank/ Ran so stoked/ Torso’s naked/ Soon darkest / Toss dark one/ Too darkness/ Asked no sort/ No doer’s task/ Rodents soak/ Steaks donor
Kim Spradlin = Mild in spark
Kourtney Moon = You’re not monk/ Monkey on tou Took money, run/ Unto key moron
Leif Manson = Elf mansion/ Inflame son
Michael Jefferson = Scoff jail men here
Monica Culpepper = Compel pure panic/ Pimp up concealer
Sabrina Thompson = Snaps in bathroom
Tarzan Smith = Man hits tza This man-tzar
Troyzan Robertson = Ran boozy torrents
Angie Layton = Goat inanely/ Aye, not align/ Not agile any/ Not gay alien/ I leant agony/ A leaning toy
Artis Silvester = Resists evil rat/ Arrest, it’s evil/ Satirist revels/ Rarest evil sits/ Realist strives/ Resist set rival/ Lives starriest/ Set liar strives/ Vitals-resister
Carter Williams = Alarm, I slit crew/ Camera will sti I will master ca Will tear racism/ I tell racism-wa Tramcar willies/ Call wartime, si I stall war crime/ Calmer liar’s wit/ War’s clear limit/ Crime trail’s law/ Limits a crawle Writes lacrimal
Dana Lambert = Named ‘Lab-rat’/ Alert, bad man/ Damnable rat/ Bad maternal/ Am bad rental/ Real tab, damn/ Tear bald man/ Blamed a rant/ Tamable, darn
Denise Stapely = Destiny please/ A needless pity/ Despise neatly/ Steady in sleep
Katie Hanson = Hit on a snake/ Shake nation
Lisa Whelchel = We heal chills
Malcolm Freberg = Grab me from cell
Michael Skupin = Is human pickle/ A chipmunk lies/ I leak much spin/ Is unlike champ
R.C. Saint-Amour = Satanic rumo I scorn trauma/ In a cast-rumo Crams in a tou A rustic mano Am corsair nut/ Can arm suito Courts airman/ Is man-curato Ran custom ai Ration sacrum
Roxanne Morris = So annex mirror
Sarah Dawson = Now a hard ass/ Had no raw ass/ Has no awards/ Ran as shadow
Allie Pohevitz = Hip evil zealot/ I plot vile haze
Eddie Fox = Die foxed/ I’d feed ox
Hope Driskill = He drops, I kill/ Like lordship/ Killed his pro
Matt Bischoff = Bitch’s off mat/ Combat shift
Michael Snow = Slow machine/ A clownish me/ I shame clown/ In camel show/ He now claims / Cinema howls/ Chews on mail
Reynold Toepfer = Order foe plenty/ Pretend foolery/ Reported felony/ To freely ponde Deploy on ferret/ Eloped for entry/ Order pony fleet/ Poetry enfolder
Shamar Thomas = So asthma harm/ Harm a hot mass/ Has trash ammo
Sherri Biethman = Me in harsh tribe/ Him in her breast/ Am here in births/ I banish her, term/ I share birth, men/ Rebirth in shame
~Blood vs. Water~
Brad Culpepper = Clapper burped
Caleb Bankston = Can’t be so blank/ Slant backbone/ Bacon blankets
Hayden Moss = She’s dynamo!/ As shy demon/ Shamed nosy
Katie Collins = Lick toenails/ I slacken toil/ Ocean kills it/ Kill a section/ Catlike lions
Laura Boneham = A humane labo A lame hour ban/ A hoe ran album/ Aloha, unbar me/ Heal bun-aroma
Marissa Peterson = Not a sperm arises/ A sperm assertion/ Am a set prisone Rear-ass nepotism/Armpit’s seasone Arrest me, passion/ Arsonist rapes me/ Is men’s separato Arrest pains me so/ Asserts more pain/ Praise as monste Separates minors/ Passion-streame Mere star passion/ No arteries-spasm/ An opera mistress/ Mean pastor rises/ Aspersion maste Parrot as nemesis/ Tame as prisoners/ A rainstorm seeps
Rachel Foulger = Hour, grace fell/ Face log-hurle Flag cruel hero/ Her cougar fell/ Go half-cruele Our charge fell/ Furor hell cage/ Flag hoe-curle For huge recall/ Clog her earful/ Rare cough fell / For huge cellar
Brice Johnston = I scorn job then/ Jobs not enrich
David Samson = So damn diva/ Void damn ass
Garrett Adelstein = Get restraint deal/ Dates tit-enlarge Lasted retreating/ Let Tragedian rest/ Treat red genitals/ Designate rattle Restart a deleting
Jeremiah Wood = Hide major woe
J’Tia Taylor = Joy at trial
Lindsey Ogle = Godly senile/ End silly ego/ Does yelling/ I yelled song/ Long eyelids/ Eyeing dolls/ On edge, silly/ Need go silly/ Only leg dies/ Old sly genie/ Single yodel
LJ McKanas = Jams clank
Morgan McLeod = Am cold-monge Commander log/ Glad commone Command ogle Gold morn came
Trish Hegarty = Hearty rights/ She try aright/ Starry height/ Try high rates
Tony Vlachos = Vocal, not shy/ Not sly havoc
~San Juan del Sur~
Alec Christy = Has tricycle/ I trash cycle/ Cliché saty Scarcely hit/ Stray cliché/ Try chalices / Shy at circle/ Teach lyrics
Baylor Wilson = I slay lowborn/ So lowly brain
Dale Wentworth = At the new world/ Threw a letdown/ World went hate/ Drew not wealth/ Let down the wa We worth dental
Drew Christy = Hit, screw dry/ Is dry wretch/ Screwy third/ Switch dryer
Josh Canfield = Child of jeans
Missy Payne = Say my penis/ Yes, I spy, man/ My easy spin/ Yes, main spy
Natalie Anderson = Ends an alienato An anal desertion
Wes Nale = New sale/ See lawn
~Worlds Apart~
Carolyn Rivera = Carry in a love Carry novel air
Dan Foley = Only deaf/ Day-felon/ Yodel fan
Hali Ford = Hold fai Fold hair
Joaquin Souberbielle = Job be a queer illusion/ I one jealous quibbler
Kelly Remington = Enemy troll king/ Kill ten gory men/ Not grill my knee
Lindsey Cascaddan = Dances as candidly/ I access dandy land
Max Dawson = Was damn ox
Mike Holloway = Lame wily hook
Nina Poersch = Penis ancho Crash in open/ Nice orphans/ Shine on crap/ China person
Rodney LaVoie = A looney drive/ I do yearn love/ I lay overdone/ I loony evade Rely on a video
Sierra Thomas = I am star horse/ Is a smart hero/ Am so trashie A hermit soars/ Riot harass me/ Hear as I storm/ Her aroma sits/ A riot smashe Air harms toes/ Roar, hiss at me/ Air some trash
Tyler Fredrickson = Drink for secretly/ Lends for trickery/ Fry closet drinke Escort fly drinker
Vince Sly = Sync evil
Will Simpson = Won slim lips
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2013.01.12 17:25 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: IAm Sean O'Neal, News Editor for The A.V. Club. Ask me anything.

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Date: 2013-01-11
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Who is your favorite commenter? It's Cookie Monster, right? I enjoy Cookie Monster. I have a stupid affinity for the Taco Bell Bell. I saved that guy from getting deleted I don't know how many times.
Would you rather fight one giant Todd VanDerWerff, or fifty tiny Scott Tobiases? Why? Fifty tiny Scott Tobiases. They would all get very flustered and debate for half an hour whether they should even be doing this.
Sean, who's your favorite Harry Potter character? GET BACK TO WORK, GENEVIEVE.
Link to www.snpp.com. Ugh, yes. This is why you never write anything on the Internet, because it's immortal. That is angry 18-year-old Sean O'Neal, pent up in his dorm room, registering his disgust throughout the world.
Sean, thank you for doing Newswire every day. You're one of the few writers who does something profoundly creative and hilarious with the news, rather than just being overtly cynical and catty and passing it off as humor. I wanted to ask this: what is your typical process for writing a Newswire? What makes you go from a fairly normal story with humor to something as bizarre yet wonderful as the Entourage movie script or the Malick-TMZ piece? Boredom with myself, mostly. And the fact that I'm my own editor.
EDIT: Also, have you ever considered writing/compiling a book of the best Newswires/Buzzkills/some other topic? Or will that come after Dan in Real Life 2: Back 2 Tha Life gets greenlit? The book idea is nice, but Newswires have next to no shelf life. They're meant to be topical, and nothing is worse than topical humor immortalized in book form. Dan In Real Life 2, however, is an idea whose time has always come.
Why did I get a Community notification for this? Also, working for The AV Club is probably a great job. What's the worst job you've ever had? Tech support at Apple, followed closely by the year I spent cold-calling people in their homes, asking them to take surveys about computers. Basically anything involving the phone.
, we thank you for popularizing that photo of Brett Ratner reading the Big Butt Book. I'm wondering if there's anything you can tell us about the abrupt departure of A.V. Club editor Keith Phipps. Was there some dispute between him and the management at The Onion? There's nothing really to tell. It just seemed to be time for a change. It wasn't like a scene from The Newsroom where he stomped in and gave some haughty speech about integrity or whatever. I miss Keith. We all miss Keith. But he's doing fine.
Hello, Sean. In 10 years? Hopefully in a nicer neighborhood, maybe somewhere I can finally get a dog. But to answer your question, yes, the AVC is really, unusually great about nurturing the staff and/or not just firing them. Many of us have been around for six-plus years, which is all but unheard of in this landscape. But I don't think it's an eitheor, as obviously we've also benefited greatly from new people—particularly in TV Club, where a ton of great writers came out of the woodwork.
One of the reasons that I enjoy reading the A.V. Club is that the personalities of all the writers shine through. You're not just reading reviews and news stories at face value, but reading them through the eyes of a passionate pop culture consumer. With that said, do you consider the A.V. Club a site where the staff are allowed to mature into old age? Or does the site benefit from a revolving door of "new blood?" Where do you see yourself in ten years? NO COMEDY ANSWERS PLEASE! That said, I fear every morning that today is the day I'm going to be discovered and sent back to office temping, where I belong. I'm always really grateful when I make it to 6pm without that happening.
How much leeway are you given on story selection? Are you largely choosing what's covered, or are you assigned stories, or are you given a number of stories to choose from and then you pick out some you like? Or is it not even that structured? Not even that structured. I'm the News Editor, so everything goes through me. I say, "Hey, maybe this would be funny," and then News Editor me says, "Go with it! You're my superstar!" And then I say, "Your confidence is making me uncomfortable."
Can you explain how having such a strong no-freelancer policy benefits the site? Well, first of all, I don't make the rules, etc. etc. That said, we actually do have a fairly open-door policy for trying out to be a contributor to TV Club, provided you can properly impress Todd, and a lot of our writers have used that as a back door to writing more things on the site. (Just look at the AVQ&A entries, which are almost 75% freelance contributors these days.)
Context for why I'm asking: I recently wrote a piece that was picked up by many mainstream outlets, A.V. Club included. You posted it in your news section, along with your own (very enjoyable) take on it. It worked out beautifully for me, and definitely generated more revenue than a freelance fee would. But in an alternate universe, I probably would shop stories like that to you guys. From a layman's perspective, it seems having news originate from the A.V. Club would bring more readers in and further strengthen your position as an entertainment news source, wouldn't it? So what's behind the decision to not do that? As for contributing news stories, I have tried out freelancers there, but the time and workload demands usually prove to be too much for them to do on a freelance basis. I am considering issuing another open call to try again. Maybe you can try out.
Your contempt for the vapidity of the pop culture zeitgeist seems pretty genuine, which puts you in a unique position among entertainment journalists. Is it kind of draining on your soul to be so deeply immersed in that world all the time? I feel like this question should be accompanied by the sound of a dripping faucet, filmed in stark black and white. Maybe while a clown cries in the corner.
Anyway, I think the conception that I'm a dark, tormented person, whipped by the violent winds of pop culture's howling abyss, is sort of overstated. I honestly don't think my contempt is any more genuine than any other online or TV jackass whose job it is to make comedy hay out of this stuff. I'm fine, really.
Sean, Has an AVClub commenter ever made a comment that you wish you had thought of first? I envied the guy who wrote the "Jonah Hill in Far Side: The Movie" comment, though I generally try to not make jokes about appearances, so I probably wouldn't have gone that route. Or at least, that's what I tell myself, to quench my burning jealousy.
Also, a couple of years ago I wrote about Vanilla Ice playing Captain Hook in a Peter Pan pantomime, and someone said something like, "I bet he just stole that hook." I briefly considered quitting.
Was there music before Dawes? Ha ha ha, DAWES.
What was your favorite Newswire to write? Maybe just the most memorable as you've done so many. Love them. I tend to like the ones that other people find baffling or outright hate: the ones about Terrence Malick, for example, or that one told from the perspective of a bunny who was relieved to hear that John Goodman got cast in the next Hangover.
Also, this old one I wrote about the McDonald's Snack Wrap: Link to www.avclub.com
Hi Sean, let me just start out by saying that I read your articles every morning to avoid working, even if it’s only for a few minutes, and I love every second of that procrastination. Your articles are absolutely hilarious and contain immense wit, as someone who works in film it’s the only way I like to read my film news. Does the added element of writing humor into your articles limit the amount you are able to write in a day, or does the humor come very naturally to your writing and the av club just chooses to limit the amount of articles in a day? Yes, it limits the amount I'm able to write in a day—as does doing things like this!—but my reasoning has always been that you can get this news on dozens of other sites. Only on our site can you get it filtered through some convoluted absurdist thing that's funny specifically to me.
If Brett Ratner were to unexpectedly die today, would his obituary have the picture of him reading the Big Butt Book, and if not, WHY NOT? I think about this a lot, actually. Mostly I just hope he doesn't die.
Has anyone you've ever written about snarkily then come into contact with you about it? Anyone take it badly or pretty well? I had an encounter with Thomas Jane a while back where I, of my own drunken volition, told him about my "Thomas Jane is gay for sandwiches" post. He laughed about it, then went back to being handsome ol' famous Thomas Jane.
Link to www.avclub.com
What about your heartbreaking (for me) Twitter fight with Marc Maron? Oh yeah, that was dismaying for me as well. We've worked it out since then, fortunately.
1) Are you in the same office as VanDerWerff, or do y'all work from home? 1) Todd lives in LA. I work in the Chicago office.
2) Have you ever run anybody's underpants up a flagpole (including TVDW)? 2) Well, now I will.
3) How did you get this gig, and what advice (if any) do you have for aspiring writers? 3) I answered a Craigslist add seeking someone to be the Austin city editor in '06, back when the Austin edition existed, and after jumping through several hoops and convincing Josh Modell that I wouldn't be terrible at it, here I am. My advice would be to go through websites with an open-door submission policy for a while and build up your résumé there, like I did at PopMatters. Or get an awesome girlfriend who still combs the writing/editing jobs on Craigslist while you're working at the video store because you've given up.
How much do the AV Club writers interact with each other? I know a lot of people are probably freelance writers around the country, but is there a central office somewhere? Yes, almost all of the actual staff are in Chicago in a single office, except for Todd VanDerWerff and Noel Murray. (And yes, our various freelancers/TV Club contributors are scattered all over.) Right now I could throw something and hit Tasha, Nathan, Scott, Josh, Kyle, Genevieve, Marah, or Erik Adams (were he not in LA at the moment). But I won't, because we don't throw things. Throwing things is wrong.
Also, Genevieve and Marah and Erik and I spend a lot of time socializing outside of work. I've seen almost all of them throw up.
How much in love did you fall with St. Vincent, Sean? My wife thinks it was a lot. Who hasn't fallen in love with St Vincent? I defy you to spend any amount of time with her and not fall in love with her, unless you are a robot. In which case, get away from that robot, St Vincent! It has no capacity for love!
Which Newswire headline/image are you most proud of? This particular combination is a new favorite of mine. I'm pretty proud of the Saw guy on a waterslide.
How many times have you used the Brett Ratner butt photo in your career? A better question would be how many times have I not used it.
You seem to have met a fair amount of celebrities - who is your favorite, the person you'd most like to have a drink with? I spent several hours having an unexpectedly leisurely lunch with Nick Offerman, followed by a phone interview so long I actually had to beg off so I could do some work. We didn't have a drink, but we both enjoy scotch and made vague plans to enjoy scotch together someday.
Also, least favorite AV Club meme? I'm not overly fond of "Sean O'Neal is dead/a robot/a zombie." What if I really died then became a robot or zombie? Then what?
If you could do more reviewing instead of the newswire, what would you like to do? Would you do more music or movies reviews, or a specific TV show? Or maybe you would more For Your Considerations, or write a book? I'm curious where your interests lie beyond pop culture commentary. I did music reviews for our site for a long time (and still do some occasionally), and I did TV Club entries for shows like South Park. I definitely didn't find either as rewarding as just writing whatever I wanted to and trying to make myself laugh. I know that's probably hard to believe.
Like I tell Josh whenever we have employee reviews: I look at myself as the resident smartass—the "And now, on the lighter side of the news" guy—whose crap is made possible by the ballast of the genuine work my much more thoughtful colleagues provide. Then I quote that scene from Talk Radio where Alec Baldwin tells Eric Bogosian, "You're the joker in my deck and I love you," and Josh tells me he didn't see it.
How does it feel to be the 2012 AV Club writer of the year? I could do without the constant hazing from the other AV Club writers, but otherwise thanks for that.
Thanks for doing this AMA! I love The A.V. Club and The Onion (especially the real newsprint). I have 3 questions. What's your favorite A.V. Club/The Onion article you wish you had written? When the Onion first started it had coupons for pizza and other things, but seemed to be the same type of deals we still get today. Were those coupons real? I think I answered this up top. Also, there was this humor column I wrote for my junior high newspaper where I totally stuck it to my history teacher Mr. Brown and his weird love affair with his stapler. Ha ha, suck it, Mr. Brown! You're weirdly possessive of your stapler! That's a hard one. Steve's "Whatever Happened To Alt Nation" articles seemed to enthrall my wife, who almost never reads my stuff, so I had some real professional jealousy there. And my favorite Onion story changes all the time. I recently had a good laugh over recalling this one: Link to www.theonion.com
Yes, they're still real, and still valid. Don't leave your local pizzeria until they accept them. Talk louder if you must.
What type of new stuff can we expect from AV Club in 2013? A new branded feature every hour! "Sit Down And Watch Breaking Bad," a new video series in which Patton Oswalt sits down and watches Breaking Bad! AVBBQ&A, where staff members answer questions about barbecue! Community notifications! Probably a news story about Ben Gibbard doing something! At least some of these are honest answers!
Can you tell me whether or not I should really be watching Adventure Time? Friends tell me I should and yet I haven't. I have no idea. I hear it's a show but I haven't watched it. On a possibly related topic, I don't take mushrooms anymore.
If you opened a BBQ restaurant, what would be the best items on the menu? I don't have an answer for this. Why didn't I think more about my imaginary BBQ restaurant before agreeing to do this?! Damn it! This phantom BBQ restaurant is out of business before it even began!
• Is Goodfellas by chance your favorite movie of all time? (It definitely is mine). Every time you write an article related to Goodfellas, you quote all the greatest lines, which I think is fucking awesome. Keep up the great work, man. It is, yes.
• Do you watch Doctor Who at all? If so, who is your favorite character? No.
• Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (starring Neil Patrick Harris)? You should. Yes.
• Favorite ice cream flavor? I'm actually kinda lactose intolerant.
Sean. Todd VanDerWerff. Is there something going on there? Miles and miles of geographical distance cooling a white-hot love love affair. Or something.
I saw your picture in a The Onion article not too long ago. (sorry, don't have the link) Is that common for The Onion to use staff photos (either AV Club or The Onion) in their articles? Or perhaps better yet do they NOT use staff in their photos? Yep! Scott Tobias is in one this week, as the guy with freshly reenergized hate for his job. We all share an office, so we're easy to get.
My Onion photo happened like this: "So, we had this story we thought you'd be good for, about a complete know-it-all asshole whom everyone hates..." (paraphrasing)
Since Keith Phipps left the AVClub, in which direction do you hope the AVClub editorial policy and leadership will head, and in which direction do you think it will actually go? Honestly, the leadership at the site has always been very hands-off and always about allowing writers to develop their own voice. I get that Keith leaving probably seems, to an outsider, like a huge deal that signifies some sort of regime change, but—as much as we personally miss Keith—we're continuing along the same path that he set out for us.
Now that he's gone, I do get fewer crappy DVDs on my desk that Keith thought I "should have." That sort of "change in leadership" is always welcome.
Hey Sean, Long time, first time... The fact that they're constantly in the news helps. They also have such well-defined personae and a vast history of interlocking references within that—giant trailers, for example, or the way that every Lohan story immediately transforms into a JFK-like conspiracy. I'm attracted to the narrative.
I've noticed that your Newswire stories tend to have favorite targets. Will Smith and Lindsey Lohan come to mind. What is it about certain celebrities that makes you keep returning to them? Also, along the same lines, are certain Newswire pieces fueled by a genuine dislike of the person or is it all just for the lulz? I'm not particularly fond of Dane Cook, I guess. But mostly it's just about the laughs.
What about Paltrow? she seems to come up quite often as well. I love writing about Paltrow because I secretly wish I wrote for Real Simple magazine or Sephora catalogs.
How long does it normally take to write an article? Do you put a lot of effort into making them so funny? Anything longer than 30 minutes is generally too long and not going to be very funny, so somewhere around there. I used to spend three to five hours writing Friday and Daily Buzzkills, which is why I don't do that anymore.
How do you determine which pop culture gets through and what gets weeded out? "Can I make this into a joke" and "Will someone post this in the comments of another article if I don't address it" are generally the two factors I consider. Or if it's something about a podcast or Bob Mould, it's probably because Kyle Ryan made me do it.
How much TV do you watch weekly? Any favorite shows? (currently airing or all time) A normal amount, I think... I watch the same shows most of you watch (NBC Thursdays, AMC, HBO). My favorites of all time? The Sopranos, Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Larry Sanders Show, Kids In The Hall.
Joel or Mike? Joel, definitely. I get into arguments with Erik Adams about this all the time.
Thank you so much for writing things. Seriously, you've brightened many an otherwise painful office morning for me with your hilarious posts. I owe you a drink. If you could write an in-depth profile (a la Stephen Rodrick's NYT Magazine article on Lindsay Lohan) on any pop-culture mainstay, who would it be and why? I would genuinely love to follow James Franco around for a day, for probably obvious reasons. And I think he would genuinely never allow that to happen, for equally obvious reasons.
Can you share what you've written for The Onion? Does it follow the same pop culture slant as your Newswires? We generally don't like to spread around bylines, since it's all a collaborative effort anyway. But some do concern pop culture, some don't.
Do you have any plans to write for TV / do any writing work outside of AV club and The Onion? I worked on a pilot that didn't get picked up... Of course I'd like to work on something like that again. Are you by any chance producer Greg Daniels?
Do you miss the long form of Friday Buzzkills at all? Or is has the frequent and short form of newswires been easiemore satisfying? Sometimes, though as I said up above, it used to take me almost an entire workday to do them, and I definitely don't miss that. But yes, there was a craft to them that only many hours of me unnecessarily overwriting things, pacing around while muttering to my cat, and considering quitting my job entirely at least once a day could produce. But I hope having more stories to read generally makes up for it.
Will you and Paul F Tompkins please team up in some sort of Best Week Ever reboot? Thanks in advance. No, Chuck Nice.
Can you briefly describe your past leading up to working at the AV Club? Playing in bands and waiting tables/office temping > dark drug-fueled period > no longer playing in bands and working at a video store > freelancing for various websites > finding a girlfriend who believed I could actually be a writer who insisted I try out for The AV Club > unbelievable amounts of money and respect.
You are almost universally adored it seems by AVC commenters, and yet on your twitter and sometimes on the AVC itself you consistently seem pretty misanthropic about how people on the internet regard you. Is there a reason for the disconnect that isn't as obvious to those looking in? I guess I only notice the bad stuff, like a lot of "public figures" (even the incredibly minor ones like me). If there are a dozen nice comments and then one negative comment letting me know that I'm not funny and why, then I will naturally obsess over that one comment. Also, it would be boring to constantly retweet the positive comments on Twitter. That's why I unfollowed Judd Apatow.
What kind of other formats (or whatever you want to call it: interviews, novels, etc) are you, as a writer, interested in doing/exploring? I really don't like doing interviews, actually. I came up with Random Roles because I hated prepping for them and I hate the canned answers they usually produce. So not that.
Like everyone ever, I've had several novels in various states of progress, I've written four screenplays of varying degrees of awful, and I wrote a TV pilot that didn't get picked up but wasn't that bad. I have another one I've fleshed out that I should sit down and actually write, some day when I'm not too tired from writing Newswire and just want to drink.
Can you wake up a little earlier so us East Coast folks don't have to wait until noon for the funnies to start rolling in? No.
Oh, did you ever have a haircut like Bobby Briggs from Twin Peaks? I don't think so. I think Kyle used to.
A couple of possibly uninspired questions: Do you have any plans on collecting the old Friday Buzzkills for people, or yourself, to look back on? What's the story behind A Roman Scandal? Do you keep in touch with those Trail of Dead guys? Like in a hardbound book, or...? Probably not. They're easily found as is.
A Roman Scandal was one of several bands I was in, though the only one with a functioning Wikipedia page. I played guitar and ended up having to fill in on lead vocals when Jason abruptly left, right before our tour with The Faint, to go record Source Tags And Codes. Our last show was on a rooftop in downtown Austin where the PA blew out, and Jason threw a guitar down onto 5th Ave. Great story, I know. And yes, I'm still friends with Jason, friendly with Conrad and Kevin. I just saw them in November. Jason's a total boring dad now.
What do you think about your popularity among the commenters? Is that a thing? I only read the bad stuff.
Your Franco updates are easily my favorite things to show up on AV Club. Could you compile a faux-criticism about the new Franco movement? I've written some stuff here and there and had some offers. But I really like what I'm doing. And come on now, Grantland's not so bad. Steve seems happy there.
Hyden and Vanderwerff are now writing at awful, terrible, shitty fucking Grantland.com, in addition to their AV Club duties. Have you been contacted to do work elsewhere? Do you already do this and I don't know about it? I don't know what The New Franco Movement is, but I'm going to abandon my workaday existence to join it right now, and I urge you all to do the same.
Since AVClub was notoriously silent on this record, can we get a few words from you on this, Sean? Sounds like dick.
(My pal Johnny, everyone.)
Please never stop using that Harrison Ford picture for all Star Wars related news. I have no question. Just a request. Always use it. It never fails to make me laugh, because I feel as if all Star Wars related news is perfectly captured by that one image of annoyed Harrison Ford. Thanks. I've explained this before, but yes, I hope that everyone gets that it's a reference to Star Wars trying to get off the ground amid unhelpful chatter. It has layers!
I have the same name as you. But I'm the funny one. Obviously.
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2012.04.15 01:32 tabledresser [Table] IAmA guy who ended up living in a pornstar model mansion in LA to start a new behind the scenes reality website.

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Date: 2012-04-13
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
I'm under 18 and clicked im over 18, watcha gon do about it? This is a problem for the entire global network of adult sites. In the UK they are thinking about making every internet connection owner have to activate access to adult sites. Personally I think this is quite a good idea; when I was 16 there were few opportunities to see pictures of breasts. Now any kid can have access to millions of pics and hardcore porn. For free. I just don't understand how this can help society.
It did make me think of a funny comedy sketch. Imagine a couple ordering a new internet connection together..
Her "honey, we don't need that filth do we?" him "well it could spice up our sex life?" her "but you've got me already?" him "hmm yeah, we don't need that"
I'd give it an hour until he phones the company behind his misses' back to activate :)
What's the harm in letting minors watch porn? It's just too much too soon. You need to enjoy being a child before you can grow into a porn-obsessed adult like the rest of us males lol.
Is it somehow required to have that "are you over 18" thing, or is it something you just do to be nice? I've noticed a lot of tube sites don't have it. We do try and be as responsible as possible... but it seems to be the wild west on the internet with regards to pornsites. Many sites that get 10's million visitors daily don't have the over 18 thing.
In the UK they are thinking about making every internet connection owner have to activate access to adult sites. No, they are thinking about giving the facility to implement ISP-level adult filters. Users would not be required to proactively enable adult content. I think we're talking about the same thing, I just phrased it awfully!
I like to think that I grew up okay :) Also, if you think you can keep minors away from porn on the net, you are seriously misjudging minors. Yeah don't get me wrong, I am pro-porn obviously. It hasn't affected my ability to relate to girls in any way, and it annoys me when I read these 'porn addiction' type articles. Males are just visually stimulated, and females emotionally stimulated; it's as simple as that. :)))
Gogogogo stereotyping. Lol, Inspector Gadget doesn't care.
What percentage of the female models are forced to do porn (i.e., pimped)? How is the general atmosphere towards women (in terms of sexism and violence)? From my experience the women lead the show, without them there is no porn so if there is anything negative happening it usually gets stamped out pretty fast.
[Posted this on a tangentially related AMA but I'm genuinely interested in this subject] That I know of, 0%. But I'm sure it does happen in the industry. Most likely this is from girls who are not represented by an agency and are just approach by the owner of bigboobsnakednow.con on the street.
Wow, thanks a lot for the very detailed answer! Of course, I suspect this is not the same for all those amateur Russian videos but it is quite refreshing to know that women are not being (systematically) mistreated in mainstream porn. [Edit: added the word mainstream] Don't even get me started on that! I love European girls, especially Russian.. they are beautiful and very much to my personal taste. But any porno I see with them in just makes me either want to feed them up or beat the male talent to death with a stick for being so rough with them.
P.s. you're welcome, happy to answer anything that you're curious about :)
Russian is not European. Yep, but you still have to get a VISA so I guess it was wrong as a European to say such a thing. My bad.
1) Are you featured in the videos? (male actor) 1) I am the camera man :) I can't act but you can hear my voice in most of the videos.
2) For how long are you planning on keeping this gig going? or rather, any plans to stop at some point? 2) The concept will continue regardless of my situation, these girls are amazing outgoing confident people, and their personalities and daily lives deserve exposure way more than the Kardashians.
3) Don't want to sound mean, this is a completely honest question, what happens if time passes an one of the girls who lives in the house isn't attractive enough anymore to draw enough attention, and make hiring her financially reasonable? Will you kick her out of the house? (this can be due to whatever reason) 3) The house is an Agency house, the girls are there regardless of this website idea.
4) Having people come in and out of the house to perform for the website, how worried are you about STDs? do you have a decontamination chamber coming into the house? 4) Not at all :) All the girls are required to have tests to work in the industry. Generally it's safer sleeping with a pornstar than someone from out of the industry. This comes down to the fact that asking your new girlfriend for proof that she is clear of all STIs is a bit of a buzz kill.. while in the adult industry it is mandated. I do often wonder why general society isn't made to have compulsory tests, even if it was every 6 months or something! Always use protection though folks!
Have you talked to your ex-wife since? Oh my f*cking god you can't imagine how much I hate her right now, she made my life very financially difficult for a very long time. To answer your question, nope we don't speak. You should see the reasons why she divorced me, it's almost the most ironic thing you could ever read. I'll add a link to it in the description :)
I don't think choosing porn as a profession would mix well with any marriages. You are most likely right. Although I wasn't originally going to be so involved in the industry.
I don't think you understand what irony means. Please set me straight if I don't ohsweetmoses :)
I find it personally ironic maybe..
Holy Moly, thinking about it.. it would be pretty ironic if I didn't understand what irony means! :S
Because you literally told her she was fat/unattractive? (see the divorce statement) The relationship was over 5 years. We had just a handful of arguments that whole time. My main gripe was that she was putting on a lot of weight and I wasn't finding her as attractive as I did at the beginning of the relationship. I did try and tackle this issue tactfully, I'm a tactful person by nature. I never called her fat or unattractive in those words. That's just there to make me appear in a negative light. Like every day I woke up and yelled 'you stupid fat bitch stop eating pies!'. This couldn't have been further from the truth.
How ironic. I new there was irony in this story somewhere!!!
Will April Turner let me bang her? I love the gingers. Ha, believe it or not she and her husband are actually swingers, so hit her up on Twitter! lol.
That means ill need to bring a chick...Ill a find random one to bring along. lol. Just be a gentleman :) She does love girls as much as guys though.. she has a mega crush on Faye Reagan..
So we have some things in common, lol. Just throw in my favorite redhead Maddy O'Reily while you're at it!
You know her? Tell me more.. I have seen her about, but not much more than that. She's a beautiful girl for sure... I'm useless with the girls I fancy, and awesome with the girls I don't fancy. FML!
Can I come to stay, please? All rooms are full sorry.. :( unless you have genuine female genitalia and are at least a 7 out of 10, then I'm sure we can squeeze you in :)
So you're saying there's a chance. I'm saying if you're a female pornstar your chances have increased dramatically.
Im a fan of Amia Miley...love her ass. She is dating that doucher from the Jersey Shore? Holy shit.... When I first got in the industry she was my fav. All my demo websites used her as an example profile. The first guy who saw it was like "hey, you wanna meet her?" made a call and she came straight over. Yes, it's THAT small an industry in LA.. everyone knows everyone. And sadly it's true, she is dating that guy. :(
How is Tori Black's personality? Tori Black.. man... she's a seriously cool girl. I first met her while I was a rookie visiting the model house over a year and a half ago.. she just came out and sat in the chair next to me. The only bit of the conversation I remember was her saying "it's because I suck dick like a champ".. lol. She's way too big time for me to see her very often in person.. she's got too much money to spend. She's recently become a mother so she's not as active as she used to be.
Yes, it's THAT small an industry in LA.. Business isn't going amazing due to the piracy epidemic. Studios don't have the budgets of yesteryear, which means girls get booked less and have to resort to more webcamming to bolster their earnings. With new laws like mandated condom use coming into effect it's still an unpredictable industry. The economic recession on the whole isn't helping one bit. Saying that, the gambling and porn industries are always the most recession resistant. I've answered about how to get into the industry in a different comment - basically it's not the easiest thing in the world, unless you start your own content studio or something.
What is the porn scene and the people in it like? How is business going these days? How big is it and how to get into it when you are not an actor? It's quite a civilized affair really, as hard as that sounds. The girls chat in bedrooms while getting ready, the guys (usually) hang about in the kitchen setting up the lights and sound etc.. It's in everyone's interests to be as professional as possible and get great scenes captured as quickly as possible. While the money the girls earn is high, it's very hard work for them, involving a long day.. It really annoys me on a fundamental level about piracy. While we've ALL done it at some point or other, there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. How would you feel if you had to bake a million cakes to be able to sell 3 for $2?
Thanks for the answers! How much of "Californication" is actually "real" or have you witnessed? I'm such a Hank idol! I love that show.. I haven't spent any time in LA with people not from the porn industry, so I really couldn't say with any kind of accuracy. All I know is that 9/10 times girls aren't very impressed when they find out you're working in the adult industry, and the chance of leading a Moody-esque lifestyle is reduced dramatically. :( It's a shame, I really would like to know some LA people who aren't in the industry to try and balance the lifestyle out a bit.
What is the stance on drugs in the house? No drugs are allowed in the house. There are a lot of 'model houses' that just become drug dens full of junkies on crystal meth etc.. but this is the polar opposite. However cannabis is smoked heavily in LA in general (being relatively legal with a medical marijuana card) and at least 70% of pornstars I've met habitually smoke it. If you watch any of the videos on the site you may notice quite a few little green cannabis canisters on the table.. :)
Okay, so if this is the case..will you lemme stay with the porn stars if I can give you all the dankest nugs/concentrates for the best prices? Edit: They probably dont give a shit about money or quality nug huh?! as long as they're high. Herbos - have you been to LA? You would love the dispensaries.. weed stores are more available than 7-11s!
1)How big is this mansion? 2) Are you an agent for them? 3) Can you support yourself on this alone? 1.) 6 bedroom, well actually if you watch a lot of the videos you'll notice there are two mansions.. they're not on a par with Will Smith's pad I imagine, but they are big to what I'm used to..
2.) I'm in the process of making official websites for a lot of pornstars such as www.tashareign.com , but first and foremost I see myself as a friend to them as corny as that sounds.
3.) Not yet, believe it or not I haven't started promoting the site yet, I guess this is the starting point for that lol.
Friendzoned by pornstars. And most redditors think that they've got it bad. Lol :))
So it looks like your house is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Do your neighbors over the fence know of the activities that take place inside the house? Are they cool with it? Yes everyone knows.. and no they're not ecstatic with it. However as residents we are all very respectful and quiet. Nobody can really see in the pool area.
This past Halloween we were all getting ready for a party. I had just returned from a short trip in London. The doorbell went and I wandered downstairs to see who it was. I had completely forgotten about the whole trick-or-treating thing. I opened the door to a fleet of children eagerly awaiting their sweets. We had nothing in the house that was appropriate and I knew it! So I ran upstairs pleading to some of the girls to help me out. Unfortunately they had nothing either. So I had to go down and break the children's hearts. I open the door, and now there were twice as many kids. I broke the bad news and they all looked mortified and they walked off. But I do remember the last kid, who couldn't have been more than 10 years old trailing behind them... his final words? "we could at least get a free subscription!". So yes, it's fair to say that they all know of the house.
Do you have any flings with your hot porn star room mates? If you say no, I will probably ask for proof. The hardest thing living at the house is to not fall in love with some of the girls you meet. There isn't a great deal of things to do in the evenings, so there is a lot of time to bond as friends, and sometimes it goes further than that. I personally try to make it feel as though they're at 'home' and not at 'work' while in the house, but sometimes that's counter productive and just leads to them wanting to fuck you. :S
It must be very hard. That's what she said. :)
Are you not allowed to be in the film then? I made a personal choice to stay out of the camera.. although I do screw up every now and then with reflections etc.. I want the focus of the content to be the girls and not my goofy self hogging the limelight lol.
What were you doing for a living before all of this? I was working for a charity as a web developer. Essentially I'm a digitally focused creative at heart.
Can you share your favorite, or most wild, story from a mansion party? Being honest, parties aren't a frequently occurring event at the house. It is irresponsible with the girls having to do scenes most days. Sure there's a lot of drinking and smoking antics going on daily, but not what you'd imagine from the films. This was definitely my favorite moment in the house so far though... Link to www.pornmodelhouse.com
Be honest. How high were you to think that was funny? Damn, the game is up :( lol.
Given the plethora of porn sites out there, how do you plan to stand out? I guess I'm curious about your business plan. You're right, there are billions of them. Unfortunately I can't discuss our business plan here, but to try and summarize without giving anything away... we're focusing on the pornstars personalities first and foremost.
Serious question. Interesting questions!
Did your perception of the porn stars change at all before/during your stay? My perception has stayed the same throughout, they are just outgoing, confident sexually driven people. All the girls I have met are like that. They are the definition of fun at times, very tomboy like.
Did you have an impression of how they were going to be like/act/behave and were you (un)pleasantly surprised? I'm not sure I had any preconceived ideas of what they'd be like. They really are just normal people most of the time. They struggle with love and other issues just like the rest of us.
What did they say was the main reason they entered into porn? Family issues? Drugs? Money problems? None of the above? Main reasons for entering porn is usually one of the following: Daddy issues, the lure of money, the desire to be in the limelight, the fame factor, the thrill of going against society norms.. etc. I haven't seem many girls with heavy drug issues in the Industry believe it or not.
Please make sure that none of the videos pan to and only to the man's face at any point during the deed. Do you have ANY idea how horrendously awkward that is when you're fapping away and are faced with some buff dude's jizzface? I know what you mean there! I give you my word that no-porn I shoot for my entire life will feature this :)
Yes or no, have you slept with any of the pornstars? if so, how many and how was it? Yes, but I don't discuss the details of this.. I will say that it's not like the porn films you watch, while the girls are very confident with their sexual prowess, there's a difference between work sex and private-life sex.
Do you date them or just sex? I'm such a stupid romantic at heart.. I'm always looking for the 'one' and now due to my career choice it seems it's going to have to be a pornstar - someone who can deal with the fact I socialize with a lot of desirable girls. Sex on its own doesn't mean much to me personally.
How big is your penis? Whatever I put no-one will believe it's the real answer. It is nowhere near 12" but bigger than average.
How much money do you make per year? We are a start-up company - any money we make gets reinvested back into the company. It sucks for now, but one day I hope to say billions!!!
How many guys came on your face when you were waking up from a black out hangover? Lol :))
In your link to your wifes accusations your desciption says you never cheated on her, but one of her accusations is that you were seeking an extra marital affair, also there she accuses you of agreeing to relations, and then there is the meeting with the ex-girlfriend. As you have brought up these documents, which don't really pertain to your IAMA, (as I see it at least,) what is your response, and reasoning for these claims? Hi yes you're right, I should have explained some of the points. This was a scan of what she wrote, not necessarily what was the truth.
This ex-girlfriend thing is a perfect example. Here's the truth behind that line of text.
Basically we were at that 'be honest no matter what' point of a relationship. I used the example that sometimes you can't be honest with your partner because they jump to conclusions. She asked me what I meant, so I told her about the time I met up with an ex-girlfriend for 1 drink. We hadn't seen each other for nearly 6 years, and it was a completely innocent occasion just to check we were both still alive. But I knew if I told my wife that I was going to meet up with an ex it would have just caused a lot of anxiety and she would presume I wanted the other girl. At the time she actually replied 'don't be silly! Of course I wouldn't have minded!'. But roll on 6 months and it was in my divorce statement :S
Why does cameramen always film in the weirdest and most repulsing angles? I for one don't want to see a hairy mans bum when watching straight porn. Ha thought you were talking about my camera work there! Phew!
I guess everyone has a different opinion on such things... Perhaps you would be more of a fan of P.O.V type porn?
I recorded some solo scenes to sell for the model house site, but I'd never film a boy-girl scene.. I just don't want to see another guy naked that much lol.
Very valid point! :) And, yeah - Everyone has their different opinion, but from the amount of people complaining about cameramens work I'm sure there's more than me who's annoyed by it. Anyways, nice AMA & you're living pretty much every mans dream. I for one envy you. Thank you for your comments qtprot :) Believe me the grass always seems greener...
Can I get a job helping you out? No, really...I'll do whatever. I think this is the number one question... sorry JohnWad, can't save them all :(
How has this affected your social life, like with prior friends and whatnot? and I'm from the valley and I'm genuinely interested in working in the industry (not performing), any advice on how to go about that? thanks! I'm lucky to be able to keep the two relatively separate. While I'm in the UK I only know a few pornstars and I spend a lot of time with my friends from before I entered the industry. I do have issues with my male friends all wanting to meet pornstars all day like I'm some pornstar cupid or something.. and any of the female friends that I may have liked have since become not an option. Any girl who hears that I hang out with pornstars just presume I'm a nightmare lol.
As for advice on how to get in it, that's a tricky one. There aren't any job sites focused on adult-only jobs. It seems to be a 'who you know' situation I'm afraid. You're in the right location so you have a massive advantage over most of the world.. perhaps demonstrate whatever skill you feel you could bring to the Industry somehow and hand deliver it to some of the big studios with your CV?
CV? What should he put in his CV? Your regular CV but tailor it for the adult industry. If he wants to get into movie production, what experience have you got with this? You need to demonstrate your skills, references, dedication, contact information etc.. somehow..
What exactly is a pornstar model house? Can I be your friend? I am not really that cool and I dont have much to say but I d like to come over your place and hang out. I ll be bringing beer everytime I ll come over. So whats the sex like? How old are you? A house owned by a talent agency that lets to pornstars. I'm 32, sex is sex. My friend requests inbox is full sorry, stupid Facebook :(
I have heard that many porn actors do scenes with the same sex even if they are heterosexual because of various reasons, but i am wondering if you know any actors that do the opposite, do any actors that prefer the same sex do scenes with the opposite scenes? and if yes how common is this? This topic is a bit of a hot potato in the industry, so I won't dwell on it too much. But yes, 'gay for pay' as they say does exist in some form. I've had conversations with pornstar girls about this topic in the past, and we've all roughly agreed that if you're taking a dick up your ass, you're gay.
Perhaps it's simply a case of these sexually confident males wanting to try anything and everything.. or maybe there's a high percentage of bi-sexual male performers.
I wouldn't say it's that common, but I don't really have any facts or figures to base my comments on. I do however know that the pornstar girls don't like it too much if they find out they've been with a guy as well..
Why you son of a-...Wait, in your line of work, that's a good thing. Right? Lol yes yes yes!
I think both you and I made a friend today, didn't we? My first on Reddit :) =P.
Larry, is that you? Doh, how the hell did you work this out? Was it the hustler banners everywhere on my site? #mustbemorediscreet.
How did you get involved in the porn industry? I had a business idea I'm a good net-worker who truly believes in what I'm proposing a lot of the time.
Where to in Wales are you from? Ha, I'm from Bridgend which has got an awful reputation, especially having the highest suicide rate in the UK.
How old are you? so basically these models go in and stay at your place, live in there and then they move out? I'm 32 (although people presume I'm mid 20's). It's not my place, but yes models go there for varying lengths of time. Some are there for just a week or a night, some take out contracts to live there for many months.
Huh. I didn't even see the leisure suit. See when I was young this was the type of stimulation we had available to us! Duke Nukem's awful pixilated bitmap hookers etc...crap Tetris DOS games where you play for an hour to see a naked sex animation background.. and Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball was just a twinkle in our eye lol.
I'm around the same age as you. This was even before my time, but Atari had porn-based games (Porkys was one). I also remember some dirty game on the commodore 64 where it would display some pictures when you put in the correct key combination. Crap wasn't it! Porkys was probably the first film I remember watching with naked girls in.. alone with Nuns in the Run.. how things have changed :)
Congratulations on your endeavours. I can imagine this has been fun, but has it been profitable? This particular project is just a spin-off from a random situation [of me living in a model house] - we have been investing in technology and the product [our websites] more than making money for the last year and a half. Start-ups require a lot of time and dedication it seems :)
Quite the dilemma: You need a chick to get with a chick. Why does this feel like a job hunt? Hehe, actually it's also like that situation where you and your friend want to get into a bar to meet girls, but the bouncer won't let you in because you don't have any girls with you.
Please rank: Jenna Presley, Kortney Kane, Tasha Reign, Samantha Saint and Nicole Aniston. I have only met two of those people - I do the official website for Tasha Reign, she's awesome! She's really really professionally driven and has massive ambition to make it huge in the industry. She's going to go far. Jenna Presley I know on a more personal level, she's part welsh (like me) which is the reason for this pic Link to www.pornmodelhouse.com Funny anecdote about her - I'm British and love tea. When I arrived at the house a long time ago I had a massive box of PG Tips tea. She saw it and was like 'I drink that too! There's a box here!'. I couldn't believe it! To put into perspective how sweet she is, I had tweeted about how I had run out of teabags.. and a day or so later she I was awoken in the middle of the night by Jenna delivering a small box of PG Tips. If that's not a sign of a super sweet person I don't know what is! Generally all the porn stars hang out with their favorite pornstars.. the ones the click with. There are falling outs like in most friendships, but generally industry people hang out with industry people.
Also, do the porn stars hang out with other porn stars or do they all have their own entourage?
Did you meet them before or after their boob job? I've know both for about a year and a half.. It's not something that I pay attention too that much, I'm the weirdo who looks at their eyes when they're talking to me :)
Baconnaise or bacon popcorn? It would have to be Baconnaise - as you can see in this pic, the owner of the house hates the smell of popcorn! Link to www.pornmodelhouse.com
Have you ever met Gianna Michaels? She's my favourite! Hi, sorry no I've never met her.. there are an awful lot of pornstars out there!
DAMN. OK. Let us know when you are and want to try a new career. Is this a not-so-subtle hint to stop writing? lol.
No. I wasn't referring to this IAMA. Just a joke about, you know, leaving your job vacant for someone else. Nevermind. Sadly I don't have a job, just ambition. Other wise I'd get paid for my efforts on a daily basis.. starting your own company is a lot of hard work and blood sweat and tears for years.
Given enough skill i can take your account and trace it back to your ip address to the house where you live. Well the same can be done for websites and given this is a UN resolution you are only safe in Iran Cuba and North Korea. We can do this we have the technology. I agree with what you're saying, but for those that missed out on the whole PornWikileaks saga (Link to gawker.com something's not right. That website was detailing people's real names, photos of their children, accusing them of having aids and being rapists.. every bad thing under the sun.. yet still nobody shut it down until a bunch of porn peeps took them on.
This is the first post that I've read every comment. I must be doing something right then ! :)
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